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Beyond Rubik's Cube

What other exhibit offers you 43 quintillion entertainment options?

EXTENDED! June 2 – Sep. 3 Sep. 16, 2018

Beyond Rubik’s® Cube is a multi-sensory experience that celebrates over 40 years of creativity based on the world’s bestselling puzzle toy. In this special, traveling exhibition, you can learn first-hand how a small puzzle became, and remains, a phenomenon that resonates with a global audience and connects to fields across the spectrum of human creativity. Highlights include hands-on adventures in science, engineering, music, art, robotics, and computer programming.

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In 1974, at the age of twenty-nine, Professor Rubik designed a small puzzle for his students made from wood blocks and paper clips. A year later, he would patent the most successful puzzle game the world has ever known. Despite being the sole inventor of an enormously successful toy that became a cultural icon, Rubik has shied away from the spotlight for 40 years. Beyond Rubik’s Cube displays Rubik’s original Cube concepts for the first time, including drawings, prototypes, and more.



You don’t start out by inventing the greatest toy the world has ever known. First, you have to understand puzzles. In this space, you’ll learn about what inspired Ernő Rubik to build Rubik’s Cube and even design a puzzle of your own.

Become a Puzzle Master

Weaving together the complex creativity of Rubik's puzzle-making mind with related spatial and pattern-recognition challenges, and... of course... the latest technology, you can gain a deeper appreciation of the Rubik's Cube phenomenon while experiencing one of the newest and most advanced museum exhibitions.

Prototype Cubes

Featuring dozens of Rubik's early puzzles, including the original Rubik's Cube prototype, you can enjoy seeing the first public display of these puzzles... all in one room!

Make Your Own Cube Prototype

Love 3D puzzles? Start inventing your own! In this space, you can work as a family or on your own to create unique 3D puzzles using materials similar to what Rubik used in his early prototyping days.



Over the past 40 years, billions of people have played with Rubik’s Cubes. From memory and matching games to robot games, you can try your hand at dozens of new games that explore a different skill set needed to become a Rubik’s Cube expert. 

Color Matching

In this special space designed with the youngest visitors in mind, you can use a giant cube to begin exploring pattern matching with colors, a key component of the Rubik's Cube experience.

Cube Lab

Google was a key partner in helping to develop Beyond Rubik's Cube. In the Chrome Cube Lab, you can create your own Rubik-inspired experiment and share it with other cube enthusiasts. Visit Cube Lab online to challenge your creativity and problem-solving skills, the qualities necessary for solving Rubik's masterpiece.



Has any other toy influenced pop culture in the past 40 years more than Rubik's Cube? Music, art, movies, television — just name it and the Cube has been there. 

Giant Cube

Well, this one is going to be hard to miss... you can manipulate a working Rubik's Cube that about the size of a car with 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations. Feel the power!

Cube Symphony

The plastic clicking of a turning Rubik’s Cube is not exactly music to the ears, but this exhibit changes that. Try your hand at creating music in Music City using a Cube, and watch as colored lights flash to the rhythm of your song.


This robot has one job. It can’t walk or talk, but it sure can solve a Rubik’s Cube. If you can’t solve your own Cube while enjoying the exhibition, just hand it off to this amazing robot and it will be solved in a matter of seconds.


Beyond Rubik’s Cube was created by Liberty Science Center with Lead Creative Partner Google and the Cube’s Hungarian inventor, Ernő Rubik, with generous support from Google, Government of Hungary, Bank of America, Rubiks Brand Ltd, and Ernst & Young LLP. Distributed by EDG. All Rubik’s trademarks are exclusively licensed by Rubik’s Brand Ltd –

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