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#trashtag is trending!

April is GO GREEN! month Adventure Science Center. We are always looking for ways to positively impact our environment and make a change in our community. Have you seen the new viral #trashtag trend? We hope that this trend never goes away! The #trashtag idea is that an individual takes a picture of an area of land that looks…. well, trashy. Then, after donning some gloves and grabbing some bags, you clean up the space. After the area is clean, you share your hard work on... Read More
at 4/5/19
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Explorer of the Week:  January 2 Explorer:  Osvaldo Gonzalez Location:  Vinocunca / Huayana Picchu, Cusco, Peru (South America) During the summer of 2017, I made a trek to Peru to visit Cusco and hike up Vinocunca, or Rainbow Mountain, and Huayna Picchu, overlooking Machu Picchu. I explore to interface with different cultures and learn about different ways of living. When you’re out of your comfort zone, you learn a lot about yourself. Explorer of the... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 1/2/19
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WINTER SOLSTICE: THE LONGEST NIGHT by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

Happy Winter Solstice! We hear that said in scientific communities around the country, but what is the solstice exactly? A picture of the mythical druids dancing around stone circles chanting may come up in your mind, but the real scientific reason for the solstice is just as phenomenal. via GIPHY The Latin translation of the word solstice is “sun stoppage.” In winter, it marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. But, how does this happen? To begin,... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/17/18
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SEASONS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You know what that means… getting your gift list in order, strapping up your tauntaun for holiday travel, and most importantly, not forgetting to grab a coat because Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. via GIPHY Depending on where you live, weather can be great indicator of the time of year. For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the crisp, cooler temperatures of fall transition quickly into frigid, cruel winter weather.... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/12/18
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DO COCKROACHES HAVE CEREAL PREFERENCES? by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

As playful and passionate experimenters, our team at Adventure Science Center lives and breathes for the scientific method. We spent the month of November with our guests exploring all things food – from chemistry in the kitchen to how candies get their colors. Behind the scenes, my inner-mad scientist decided to come out to play. We have resident Blaptica dubia cockroaches – who are pets, not pests! – in our Education offices that sometimes serve as a composting... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/7/18
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THE ULTIMATE SCIENCE CENTER GIFT GUIDE by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

I blinked and it’s time for the holidays… again. I don’t understand how it happens, but I’m taken by surprise. Every. Single Year. You may be feeling pressured by the constant reminders that the gift-giving season is upon us, but don’t fret! I’ve talked with my fellow science nerds here at Adventure Science Center, and we’ve come up with our ULTIMATE gift guide for 2018. From handcrafted items to experiences together, we’ve got everything... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/4/18
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STOP WASTING, START COMPOSTING by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

Food provides us with sustenance and energy that we can use every day. However, did you know that we’re wasting food at an alarming rate? In America alone, studies have found people waste nearly 150,000 tons of food per year . That’s nearly a pound of food per person! Use these simple tricks to start reducing food waste in your own home today: Store food smartly! via GIPHY By using airtight containers to store leftover food, you can help keep it safe from... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/20/18
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WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM… EVEN IN SPACE! by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

As a kid growing up in Southern Louisiana, going to John Stennis Space Center was THE highlight in the field trip era of my young life. It wasn’t because it’s NASA’s largest rocket engine test facility. It wasn't because it played an integral role in the development of the Saturn V rocket. It was because of... astronaut ice cream!  Astronaut Foods For the uninitiated, “astronaut ice cream” is a crumbly, chalky bar of freeze dried ice... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/16/18
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INTERVIEW WITH AN ENTOMOLOGIST by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

It’s Chow Down month at Adventure Science Center, meaning we’re celebrating all things food! Now, you may be sitting there wondering what an “Interview with an Entomologist” has to do with food. Did you know the United States is one of the minority when it comes to eating insects? In fact, 80% of the world’s population eats insects as part of their regular diets. According to PBS, the edible-insect movement is on the rise in the U.S., even though no one... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/6/18
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LIGHTS OUT... FOR THE UNIVERSE by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

In 1374, Geofferey Chaucer wrote “All good things must come to an end." I’m not sure if a truer proverb exists. Humans, the Earth, all the stars in the sky, and yes, even our universe, will one day come to an end OR at least not exist in any form that we can comprehend.   Let's talk time! The Oxford dictionary defines time as “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole," which is about... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 10/16/18
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DESIGNING SUNDIALS by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

For thousands of years, people have used sundials to measure time using the position of our Sun. In fact, the world’s oldest surviving sundial  comes from a tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings (pictured), dating all the way back to 1500 BCE - that's at least 3,500 years ago! Significant find: After thousands of years the Egyptian sun dial was brought back to light. © University of Basel While the Egyptians were the first to use sundials, they... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 9/25/18
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I'M A MAKER... A PUPPET BUILDER! by Anna Goolsby, Marketing Assistant

“It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights…” via GIPHY If there were a soundtrack to my childhood, The Muppets theme song would definitely be the most-played track on the list. Even as an adult, my heart lifts when I hear the first few notes of “Rainbow Connection.” Most kids’ heroes wore capes on their backs, but mine wore puppets on their hands. Jim Henson, Mr. Fred Rogers and Shari Lewis were my superheroes and I... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 9/18/18
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BUILDING A BOT by Jason Moeller, Outreach & Homeschool Educator

Adam Savage, the former co-host of the Discovery Channel show MythBusters , eloquently answered the question “What is a Maker?” in this way: “Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.” As an educator at Adventure Science Center, I do both of those things every day as I work to create memorable science experiences for the students I teach. I get... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 8/27/18
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The next time you're searching for venues for your special event, don’t forget to consider Adventure Science Center! With spaces of varying sizes and types that can accommodate nearly any gathering, your local science center is the perfect location for parties, receptions, meetings, luncheons and even weddings. It's not just about the atmosphere - FREE parking, easy access from the interstate and downtown and interactive exhibits combine to make Adventure... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 8/20/18
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ENCELADUS: THE FROZEN GIANT by Jason Moeller, Science Educator

Despite recent Mars discoveries, an icy moon circling Saturn may hold the secret to extraterrestrial life!  In 1960, a young astronomer named Frank Drake aimed the National Radio Astronomy Observatory ’s 85-foot radio telescope towards two nearby, sun-like stars. The goal of Frank’s project, named Ozma after the fictional ruler of Oz, was to search for life using a radio frequency that Frank thought an interstellar civilization might use. Although the stars failed to... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 8/9/18
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SPACE ARCHAEOLOGY by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

When I was a young girl, I fell in love with an adventurer who swung from vines and “recovered” lost treasures. When I watched my first Indiana Jones  movie, I knew I was going to be an archaeologist. After years of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of digging, I achieved my goal! Equipped with my archaelology degree and my trusty Indy hat, I can now explore the amazing history of our world. One thing I love about the field of archaeology is that there are so many... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 7/31/18
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OCEANS OF PLASTIC by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

One of the biggest threats to our ocean ecosystems is plastic waste. Each year, thousands of pounds of single-use cups, straws, bags and other debris make their way into our waterways. We know this trash causes serious issues for our marine life, but just how much and what can you do about it? How much plastic is in the ocean? via GIPHY There is anywhere from 93 to 236 thousand metric tons of plastic floating in our oceans, of which 269,000 tons floats on the surface.... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 7/23/18
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I have always been fascinated by the myriads of ecosystems that call our oceans home. So, it's easy to see that, when I was offered a place on a fishing vessel to study and clean up barrier islands, I jumped at the chance! After completing a fishing trawl earlier in the day, the research vessel Caretta headed towards Petit Bois Island for a beach cleanup. Petit Bois is French for “little woods,” which alludes to a small wooded section found on the eastern end of the island. ... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 7/23/18
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WHAT IS SCUBA? by Emily Orbison, Science Educator

You've probably seen scuba divers on television or even in person while vacationing on the coast, but just what is scuba anyway? SCUBA is an acronym that stands for  “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.” Basically, it is equipment you can use to breath underwater! Let's dive a little deeper with a few fun facts about scuba diving! The tank on your back is full of oxygen, right? Actually no! It is full of air. Oxygen only makes up about 21% of... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 7/17/18
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5 REASONS TO ATTEND RED, WHITE & BOOM by Laura Braden, Events Coordinator

Looking for an opportunity to enjoy Nashville's breathtaking fireworks show with your family without all the crowds and traffic of downtown? Look no further than Adventure Science Center's annual Red, White & BOOM July 4th event! This family-friendly event is both fun and educational, providing indoor and outdoor activities for guests of all ages up until the first firework lights up the night sky. Check out our Top 5  Reasons to attend this dynamic event... ... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 6/4/18
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CH-CH-CHANGES by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

Just like the late, great David Bowie , we’re getting ready to turn and face the strange for some changes here at Adventure Science Center. As Music City continues to grow, we want to do our best to reflect our city while providing meaningful, valuable experiences with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to ALL of our guests. That being said… we’re embarking on a grand journey over the next year to provide you with exciting new ways to engage with... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/21/18
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WOLF TO WOOKIEE by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

Happy Star Wars Day! Star Wars has been a part of our hearts since the franchise began in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hope , making each character almost a part of the family! Some of Star Wars more notable characters, however, look very… familiar. In fact, Chewbacca , everyone’s favorite Wookiee, was based off of director George Lucas’ own dog! When asked about the creation of the Wookiee, George Lucas said: I had an Alaskan Malamute when I was writing the... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 5/3/18
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WHY BUILD A RAIN GARDEN? by Anna Goolsby, Marketing Assistant

A good rainy day is perhaps one of my favorite things. The dreary weather encourages you to get cozy, read a book, brew some tea and enjoy the peaceful patter of the rain on your roof. Rain can also be… problematic.   About three and a half years ago, my husband and I bought our dream house in East Nashville – a cute little 1950s ranch-style home tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with a great yard. There was only one problem: our gravel driveway, which, embarrassingly,... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 5/1/18
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CELEBRATING VOLUNTEER WEEK by Elisabeth McClain, Volunteer Manager

Time flies when you're doing good for your community! Just a short year ago, our volunteer program was about as new as a volunteer program could get. We had just completed our 4 th  volunteer orientation and watched in anticipation as our community came together to lend its efforts towards STEM education and science exploration! Today, in honor of National Volunteer Week, I get to look back and celebrate all of the amazing efforts that our growing program has dedicated its time,... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 4/23/18
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WHAT IS EARTH DAY? by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

On April 22,1970, the very first Earth Day celebration saw 20 million Americans take to the streets, parks and auditoriums across the country to speak up for a healthy, sustainable environment. Since that first celebration, Earth Day has grown into a worldwide phenomenon featuring 192 countries banding together to give back to the planet we call home. From preventing deforestation to coral reef restoration, Earth Day is a time when we plant trees, learn how to conserve water and hear from... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 4/18/18
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ROBOTS PRINTING ROBOTS by Omar Peña, Makerspace Educator

We live in a world where robots can build other robots. In fact, 3D printing technology has advanced so much that robots can actually 3D print other robots. Did you know you don’t even have to travel to a high-tech laboratory to see this?! Inside Adventure Science Center’s makerspace, the Innovation Incubator (aka I 2 ) , you can get up-close-and-personal with 3D printing and robotics. I could go on and on about the incredible technology in I 2 , but this isn’t a... Read More
Posted by Anna Leigh Goolsby at 4/13/18
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GOING DARK by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

As always, we have grand plans in the works for the Sudekum Planetarium! Every now and then, we need to set aside a few days to set up something really special. Any guesses what it might be this time around? Last year, we “went dark” as we removed our digital projectors from 2008 to install some brand new 4K beauties. It’s been over a year and we’re loving how they look. And we also love the stunning night sky coming from our optical star projector. So the projection... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 2/22/18
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YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC by KC Katalbas, Planetarium Educator

Music is powerful. You've probably experienced this if your mood shifts when you hear a great song, or you've let a playlist of soothing piano pieces calm you down, or you've been in a room full of people all shouting the same lyrics at a concert. No matter the situation, music holds a certain kind of electricity with people. So why? With all this power, what's going on inside our brains when we listen to music? To answer that question, we turn to the people who are... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 2/14/18
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Amrita Banerjee is Adventure Science Center's TWISTER Intern and a graduate student in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Amrita has been a volunteer for multiple years of TWISTER and is passionate about sharing the world of STEM opportunities with young women.  1. Paying It Forward Participating in TWISTER  has always been more than a day spent volunteering… it’s been about... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 1/18/18
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5 REASONS TO ATTEND TWISTER by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

TWISTER is coming! I'm not talking about the funnel cloud in the sky, but the Tennessee Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Research conference for high school girls.  This annual event brings together women who are working in STEM careers and girls in high school for a meeting of the minds where the girls get to learn from these fantastic women. As if this wasn't enough to encourage you, here are five other reasons why attending the event is well worth it:  ... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 1/2/18
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4 SIMPLE WAYS TO GIVE BACK by Karissa Kessen, Development Coordinator

As the giving season hits full swing, I’d like to highlight ALL the ways you can give back this winter! Hint: It’s not just through a donation or membership. Supporting the Science Center’s service to the community, like subsidized memberships for low-income families, is as easy as... Grabbing holiday dinner ingredients and party essentials  Kroger Community Rewards program donates a portion of your grocery costs to Adventure Science Center. All you... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/8/17
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MY PATH TO THE PATH OF TOTALITY by Marcin Chojnowski, Eclipse Intern

I remember it like it was yesterday…  The year was 2013, and I was an undergraduate physics student at Northeastern Illinois University sitting in a small lecture room. All ten members of my class were listening to an astrophysics lecture about the Moon and, incidentally, eclipses.  Our professor went through lecture slides describing different types of eclipses and the celestial geometry of why they happen, when I started wondering when the next total solar eclipse will... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 9/5/17
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MARIA MITCHELL #WSW by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

No woman should say, "I am but a woman!" But a woman! What more can you ask to be? With only 19 days until totality hits Nashville for the first time since 1478, I wanted to take this chance to feature one of the original “eclipse chasers,” Maria Mitchell. Born in Massachusetts in 1818, Maria grew up in a large Quaker family and community where they valued education and insisted on giving girls the same quality of education that boys received, as one of the... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 8/2/17
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The mid-2000s marked the beginning of a new era for humanity. An era where we consumed and produced information in a way that had yet to be experienced. The era of social media . Since its inception in mainstream society, social media has had a profound impact on our lives. It gives us the opportunity to easily communicate information faster than ever before. Sure, people use it as a way to share selfies, memes and pictures of their pets, but they also use it to share their thoughts and... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 7/17/17
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If you haven't heard, Adventure Science Center is undergoing some major construction and renovation projects to pave the path for new exhibits and improved experiences... including in our preschool area! The current space is undergoing construction, but we've pulled together some ways to engage your preschooler in other exhibition areas while the space is closed. 1. Adventure Tower and Main Atrium Physics of Light  Reinforce color learning with our giant lite brite... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 7/13/17
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STORIES by Theo Wellington, NASA Solar System Ambassador

Humans have been observing the sky – especially the night sky – for thousands of years. The sky was always the same, stars rising and setting in their season. The regular movements of the stars made our first calendar. The sky was also this gigantic canvas on which the dots were connected to form patterns.  Our brains love to see familiar shapes in random things, we see animals in the clouds and we saw animals in the stars.  Over time we drew heroes,... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 7/7/17
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BEATRICE HICKS #WSW by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

'Women think that an engineer is a man in hip boots building a dam. They don't realize that 95 percent of engineering is done in a nice air-conditioned office. Beatrice A. Hicks was a groundbreaker in the world of engineering. At a time when the field wasn’t “deemed appropriate” by society, she persisted and became the first woman engineer hired by Western Electric, and both the co-founder and first president of the Society of Women Engineers. She was... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 7/5/17
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SOLAR ECLIPSE SAFETY by Marcin Chojnowski, Eclipse Intern

Remember when you were just a kid and adults would tell you to never look at the Sun because you could damage your eyes? That fact will hold true so long as the Sun shines in our sky. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule so that you can SAFELY view the Sun during the partial stages of a solar eclipse. Before explaining safe viewing methods, let’s discuss items that should NOT be used to view a solar eclipse.  via GIPHY NEVER USE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 6/30/17
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MEET ROZ by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4 What’s cute and cuddly, enjoys eating treats and hiding in lab coat pockets, and used to play basketball? It’s Roz, our resident rat! Named after Rosalind E. Franklin, an English chemist who made great contributions to our understanding of the molecular structures of DNA and RNA, Roz the rat enjoys a simple life full of apple slices and pocket snuggles. ( Learn more about Rosalind on our... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 6/28/17
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ADRIANA OCAMPO #WSW by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

Space exploration was my passion from a very young age, and I knew I wanted to be part of it. I would dream and design space colonies while sitting atop the roof of my family's home in Argentina. Growing up, you may have been told to “reach for the stars” to achieve your goals. For Adriana Ocampo, this became a way of life. At age fifteen, her family moved to the U.S., and her first question after landing was “where is NASA?” She quickly found a way to... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 6/7/17
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WHY IS THE SOLAR ECLIPSE A BIG DEAL? by Marcin Chojnowski, Eclipse Intern

Imagine yourself living thousands of years ago, harvesting crops in a field on a bright sunny day. You think it’s just like any other day, but suddenly the sky starts getting dark. As you look over the horizon, you see a dark sweeping shadow racing towards you. You look up at the sky as absolute darkness begins to engulf the sun and normally invisible stars begin to shine.  The sun, your daily provider of light and warmth, is replaced with a pitch-black circle surrounded by a... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 6/2/17
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THE LAST ECLIPSE... EVER by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

A Total Solar Eclipse is considered by many to be the greatest sight in nature. Nashville will be lucky enough this August to experience a total eclipse of the Sun – something this area hasn't seen since 1478 (long before Music City ever came to be). A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon completely blocks the Sun's surface from view. From within the Moon's shadow, you will be able to see the Sun's corona and beautiful prominences, which are typically hidden from... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/24/17
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BIG NUMBERS by Theo Wellington, NASA Solar System Ambassador

I have a background in astronomy, where most of the numbers are, well, astronomically big. So large numbers are not generally something to be feared, and most calculations can really be done by rounding and estimating. No one needs to know the distance to a galaxy in anything other than a couple of billion light years. Let’s play with some numbers… and the upcoming Music City Solar Eclipse . The number everyone wants to know who is planning events is how many... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/12/17
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MARIE CURIE #WSW by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and – above all – confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. Perseverance. Confidence. Belief. Three ideals that helped Marie Curie to overcome great obstacles and become one of the most revered woman scientists in history. Known as the “Mother of Modern Physics,” she was the first woman to win Nobel Prizes in two... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/10/17
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Fellow project lead Neeraj processing collected plastic bottles. More bottles waiting to be processed. Those are extra bottle caps on the floor. Our finished bin of processed plastic bottles. I’m Bob Qian, a first-year Youth CR3W member, and one of the leads for this year’s incredible science project. For those who may not be familiar, Youth CR3W at the Adventure... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/8/17
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#WOMENSCIENCEWEDNESDAY by Molly Hornbuckle, Marketing Communications Manager

        When I first took the reins of Adventure Science Center's Instagram , I wanted to do more than just provide science learning to our followers. That’s not how we do science at Adventure Science Center--our mission is to open minds to its wonder. I wanted to share science that inspires. I'm sure you know about the popular "Woman Crush Wednesday" hashtag, where... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 5/3/17
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HAPPY NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK by Elisabeth McClain, Volunteer Manager

I’d like to take a moment to recognize the unsung heroes here at Adventure Science Center… our incredible team of volunteers! Although we appreciate their efforts every day, National Volunteer Week provides a nation-wide platform to celebrate those who inspire, create, teach, and encourage others in their communities through volunteerism. It is an especially exciting time here at the Science Center, as we are celebrating a newly revived volunteer program. Over the past 8... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 4/26/17
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HOW TO HELP THE POLLINATORS by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

Do you like honey? Do you like blueberries, peaches, oranges, or soybeans? How about almonds? Apples? Do you enjoy wearing cotton-made materials? Well, chances are, you like pollinators too!  Pollinators are responsible for helping these different plants create new flowers, fruits, and seeds! Pollinators help us by spreading pollen to our plants so that they may reproduce. When most people think of pollinators, honeybees come to mind. However, did you know that there are other types... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 4/21/17
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Testing the elements of our Spartabot before the competition. The pits are a frenzy with last minute modifications! Here, we are trying to sort out an electrical problem on the robot. Check out the rope climb mechanism! A custom creation built from the pieces of a boat winch! The thrill of the competition. The challenge of problem-solving mechanical... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 4/14/17
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HAPPY NATIONAL NEAR MISS DAY by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

What's National Near Miss Day, you ask? Well, on this day in 1989, an asteroid almost hit Earth! The asteroid itself is about half a mile across, and was traveling almost 50,000 mph. Named 4581 Asclepius, it passed within 425,000 miles of Earth. That's almost twice the distance of the radius of the Moon's orbit around Earth. But, the asteroid passed through the exact point where Earth was just six hours earlier. A lucky day for Earth indeed, and certainly a close call. 4581... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 3/23/17
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