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Do you want YOUR travel story featured here?

We'll feature a new Explorer of the Week every Wednesday! All you need to do to submit is:

1. Find a favorite picture from your travels (could be local or not; could include people or not; whatever explorer story you want to tell!).

2. Write a brief description of the who, what, when and where along with an answer to the question "Why do you explore?"

3. Submit the picture and copy via email to with the subject line "Explorer of the Week."

National Geographic presents: Earth Explorers is open from 10am to 5pm daily (10am to 10pm every Second Saturday) through Jan. 6, 2019.

Explorer of the Week: October 31

Explorer: Erin Castellano

Location: Whiteside Mountain in Jackson County, North Carolina (USA)

My brother is a huge outdoor recreationist, and he is the one who suggested an ice climbing trip. We went with a group from Chattanooga, Tennessee, on a two-day, one-night adventure. It was INCREDIBLY cold... so cold that the banana I was saving for breakfast had frozen! There were no stairs and no grips on these frozen waterfalls, just some ice picks sticking out of your boots and ice picks you held in your hands. The climb took physical and mental strength, team encouragement, and perseverance to reach the top.

I explore because my comfort zone constantly expands with each new adventure. It's fun to try new things and see new places, especially with good people. I was lucky that I got to take this adventure with my brother. It was an enriching experience that I am so grateful to have been a part of… once! 

Explorer of the Week: October 24

Explorer: Bethany Caldwell

Location: Meillionydd Archeological Site in Bangor, Wales (United Kingdom)

For my Masters Degree in Celtic Archaeology, I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of an excavation at Meillionydd, which is a prehistoric site for those who lived in the Iron Age of Britain (think 400 to 700 BCE). We only had a short four months for the dig, so we needed to dig in all conditions like this photo that shows us digging on a rainy, muddy day. Armed with my trusty trowel and wellies, I conquered the pit I was working on with my fellow archaeologist... it made for the best experience!

The reason why I became an archaeologist is that I love to learn and, to me, that's what being is an explorer is all about. It's about collecting data and finding new things out, and then using that to help answer those hard-hitting questions about how we as humans came to be. From one explorer to another... Never Stop Exploring!

Explorer of the Week: October 17

Explorer: Kate Simerly

Location: "Torture Chamber Cave" along Usumacinta River, Mexico/Guatemala 

My passion for wildlife filmmaking gives me the opportunity to explore remote environments and get up close and personal with some incredible species. It is thrilling, but it can sometimes test your courage. Last summer when I found myself in this dark jungle cave, surrounded by thousands of swirling fruit and carnivorous vampire bats, I turned to humor, channeling my inner Batwoman. Because of bats' spooky reputation, many of their homes like this cave are being destroyed and I work to shed light on the need for their protection as part of an intricate and interdependent web of life.

Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 10:30 AM
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