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Last summer, I was lucky enough to land an internship at Adventure Science Center in, what has proven to be, my best “job” ever. The staff was kind, the jobs were challenging, and the results were greater than I anticipated. I learned a ton about informal education, project development, marketing, and more, some of which I didn’t expect to learn. It was really grand. So, though every internship is different, here are some of my tips on how to get the most out of your... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 2/28/17

GREETINGS FROM MISSION CONTROL by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

Greetings from “night 4” of our observing run. I put it in quotes because it’s actually only our second night of observing – the first two nights’ weather was too questionable to open the dome (dew on the telescope = bad). But on cloudy and clear nights alike, I’ve been busy getting photos! Take a look at life on the mountain: Me, holding a camera and pretending to know how it works. The neck strap around my elbow might suggest otherwise. ... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 4/27/16

“C” IS FOR CLOUDS by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

The good news: we’re at Cerro Tololo! The bad news: we’re not observing yet. Don’t get me wrong: it’s still beautiful, but clear skies would be much more beautiful. For now, this monstrous telescope’s dome is staying closed. So, we’re off to a slow start, but hey, the observing can only improve from here, right [knocks on wood]? The good news: we got a beautiful sunset. Check this out. With all these clouds, the plan is to make use... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 4/24/16

ASC HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL! by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

¡Saludos! Dr. French and I made it to Chile, and we’re waiting to meet Bob at the Starbucks en el aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez. Astronomers love coffee almost as much as they love telescopes and clear skies. Speaking of clear skies, after about 15 short spurts of sleep on the 9+ hour flight, check out the view I woke up to out the port window: #nofilter Look closely – that dot in the sky is the planet Venus, sometimes called “the morning... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 4/21/16

ONE WEEK OUT by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

From my first trip: me in front of the 4.0-m Blanco telescope. We’ll be using this beast for 5 nights this time around! The observing run is almost here! My last visits to Cerro Tololo were as a physics major and Hispanic studies minor. Since then, I’ve graduated, worked on a master’s in teaching, and found my way into the planetarium industry. In Chicago and Nashville, I’ve spent the last few years teaching people about the night sky and outer space, a... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 4/13/16

SEND ME TO CHILE… ¡AGAIN! by Derrick Rohl, Sudekum Planetarium Manager

Hey, remember me? If my math is correct, the last time I wrote an update [on  ¡Send me to Chile! ] was five years and one week ago. Guess what? I’m going back to Chile! Or, voy a devolver a Chile , as I should probably be saying. T-minus 14 days! This time, I’m taking off from Nashville! I’ll be meeting up with Dr. French in Atlanta, where we’ll begin our journey back to Cerro Tololo via Santiago! You know the name of the game: we’ll be... Read More
Posted by Derrick Rohl at 4/6/16
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