If walls could talk, what sorts of secrets, surprises, or extraordinary engineering feats would they reveal?

Discover the story behind the structures humans spend 90 percent of their lives within. The Raise the Roof exhibit will feature buildings and building science from around the world, including a "Collapsible Dome." Other components will include a table top activity where visitors can examine and work with a variety of hand-crafted wooden joints.

At Adventure Science Center Sept. 14, 2013 - Feb. 16, 2014.


DOGTASTROPE: What about dogs? They need homes too, so the interactive computer game will let people design dog houses that can survive things like a leaf blower blizzard or a lawn sprinkler flood.

BUILD A TRUSS & TRIANGLE TRYOUT: Test the forces of tension and compression! An earthquake shake table will show how different buildings respond to different quake frequencies and a tuned mass damper simulates the work of the big moving weights used in some tall buildings to slow their sway during wind gusts.

DEMOLITION THEATER: Build a skyscraper in order to... demolish it? The exhibit's demolition theater will feature the explosive work of the famous Loizeaux family, who own and operate Controlled Demolition, Inc., the world's biggest group of demolition experts.

DOWNDRAFT HOUSE: See how air flows through a doll-sized model house outfitted with airflow indicators, a working furnace, and operating doors and vents. Explore the dangerous conditions that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in homes.

MEET THE MITE: See how huge numbers of creatures live in all of our homes all of the time.

LISTENING TO THE WALLS: A story area and activity drawn from interviews with blind and visually impaired people who navigate through buildings using their sense of sound.

CULTURAL DESIGN RULES: A panel compares a house plan from Levittown, N.Y., an American home design standard, to the standards of Feng Shui, a practical design philosophy guided by the flow of spiritual energy.

MAGNET CITY: A special area for young children where kids in kindergarten through third grade can sit on the main street of a small city and change the windows, siding, and roofs of the building before them, with no questions asked.

...and much more!

This exhibit made possible in part through the generous support of

Builders FirstSource, Morgan Electric, Smith Gee Studio, Four Star Paving LLC, Anderson, Delk, Epps & Assoc.

Exhibit produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota and made possible with support from the National Science Foundation.


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