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Adventure Science Center to Open Tinkering Garage Feb. 1
First-of-its-kind DIY space caters to families

NASHVILLE, Jan. 24, 2014—A new place for breaking, building and brainstorming is coming to Nashville. On Saturday, Feb. 1, Adventure Science Center will open its Tinkering Garage temporary exhibit, a do-it-yourself maker space for families, school children and science enthusiasts of all ages.

Step into the ultimate workshop where the space and resources are provided, and visitors decide what to do next. It’s a combination of real tools and real materials, along with the freedom to innovate and explore a wide range of gadgets and contraptions.

Donations Needed
Adventure Science Center is also asking the public for help by donating items for tinkering: VCRs, DVDs, CD players, clocks, computer keyboards, kids’ electronic toys, bicycles, and more. (No TVs, monitors, vacuum cleaners or large items). Donations accepted daily at the Science Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition to the exhibit opening, these activities will be included with general admission on Feb. 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

  • Da Vinci’s Whirlybirds: Construct an airplane or helicopter-like creation using paper and paperclips. Test your whirlybird for flight capability above a wind turbine.
  • Archimedes’ Test Tank: Choose between a variety of materials to build a boat that can float in a tank of water. Add weight to the floating vessel and test its buoyancy.  

The Tinkering Garage is a place where everyone’s inner hacker-maker-tinkerer-inventor-designer can come out and play! An assortment of materials, tools and technologies are provided, and the self-guided process of trying things out, seeing what happens, reflecting and evaluating, and trying again is encouraged.

In this temporary space, guests can take apart a small appliance, see how it worked, and then invent something new using its parts. Or they might build a robot, solder a circuit, be part of a collaborative group project, or experiment with different textures, patterns and fabrics.

Trained staff and volunteers will be available to assist with tools that need extra supervision and will happily brainstorm if tinkerers hit a creative wall.

The Tinkering Garage will be available for school groups with reservations on specified mornings. The exhibit runs Feb. 1 through April 30 and is included with general admission to the Science Center. More information is available at

This exhibit made possible in part through the generous support of The CarMax Foundation.

About Adventure Science Center
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