Once again TWISTER was a huge success in its 11th year!

This year's theme was Discover U. The girls were given a chance to discover opportunities for internships, learn about education requirements for specific careers, and hear first-hand how professional women balance careers, interests and family.


- Over 120 high schools girls from 12 TN counties attended.
- Over 30% of the girls had attended last year.
- 90% of the girls plan to attend college.
- 38 women in STEM professions volunteered as Presenters.
- Another 26 women volunteered to help run the conference.
- The following careers were represented by the Presenters:

Medical careers: internal medicine, doctor of sports medicine, nursing, medical lab technician
Biotech and biomedical careers: bioinformatics, biotechnology, genetics lab technology
Life Sciences: biologist, researchers, veterinary science,
Technology: information technology, medical technology
Emerging Sciences: Graphene and nano-materials research, nano-electronics
Engineering: environmental, civil (bridges), nuclear, electrical
Physics: astrophysicists, nuclear engineers
Environmental Health and Safety: Forensic field investigations, epidemiology, water quality, stream health

TWISTER Girls - where are they now?
Meet Pooja Soni, Breanna Ditmar and Sarah Nasab, three former TWISTER participants now pursuing careers in science!

How can you help TWISTER in 2014?

Become a Presenter or Volunteer. Email our
Education Team to learn more.

Become a Sponsor. Email Tim Sears to learn more.

Make a gift to help support TWISTER in 2014 and the other many critical programs Adventure Science Center delivers for youth in our community.

What is TWISTER?
TWISTER stands for Tennessee Women in Science, Techology, Engineering & Research, and is a day-long conference, where high school girls meet, interact and discuss life in the workplace with professional women in our community working in STEM-related fields.

Why is TWISTER important?

By 2018, Tennessee alone is projected to have over 100,000 job openings in STEM-related occupations, but each year less and less college students focus in STEM. There is hope though to fill these jobs...young women!

Currently, women make up less than 25% of the STEM workforce, but make up to 33% more than women in non-STEM jobs. Basically women are underrepresented in a very lucrative job market. TWISTER looks to change the status quo by fostering an interest in math and science courses in high school and expanding career visions to include STEM careers.

TWISTER is supported, in part, by our generous sponsors:

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