The 12 Days of Science are returning to Adventure Science Center in December 2014! Join the merriment with a full lineup of seasonal programs and activities for the entire family. Included with general admission.

Saturday, Dec. 13
Musical Wonderland

Catch local talent of all ages singing and playing holiday tunes. Sing along with the Nashville Caroling Company. Sample an assortment of instruments, or try a new one at the Musical Petting Zoo provided by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. “See” your voice on a computer screen, and experiment with sound waves and pitch.

Saturday, Dec. 20
It’s Electric

Come join us for this electrifying day! Who was the greatest electrical scientist of all time? Find out in “Giants of Electrical Science”, an interactive theater demonstration. Add to your holiday excitement by working with the Middle Tennessee Robotics Society (MTRAS) to make and take your own high-tech LED ornament! Try your hand at circuitry - can you make a pickle into a light bulb? How about a potato into a clock? Learn how electricity gets into your home, and figure out more efficient ways to use it in our special SciBites show “Energy Misers.”


Sunday, Dec. 21
Extreme Cold

Discover what happens to everyday objects when they are cooled down to -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy liquid nitrogen frozen treats!

Monday, Dec. 22
Birds of a Feather

At this event, science is for the birds, both native and far away favorites. Say hello to WSMV’s Snowbird, the most famous penguin in Tennessee, and visit our penguin corner to learn more about these flightless birds. Meet some local rescue birds from Walden’s Puddle, explore owl appetites and other bird features. Also, participate in the Owl Pellet Lab!*

Tuesday, Dec. 23
The Joys of Toys

Try out some of the newest high-tech toys on the market, and look inside to find out how they work. Test your skills with LEGO® Mindstorms® robots.


Wednesday, Dec. 24
Polar Pointers

Learn about magnets, magnetic levitation, and why your compass doesn’t point to the real North Pole! Make an ornament using beads that respond to ultraviolet radiation by changing color.

Friday, Dec. 26
Winter Sports Science

Come explore the science behind winter sports. Discover the scientific elements of the slammin’ slap shot in hockey, the fantastic frictional fun in curling, the secret forces of snowboarding, the G-forces of bobsledding, and the angular momentum of ice skating!

Saturday, Dec. 27
World Wide Winter

Discover what winter is like beyond Tennessee. Explore the science behind the four seasons, and winter in other parts of the world, including the coldest places on earth. Without even leaving Nashville you'll experience seasonal, holiday, and cultural traditions from around the world through demonstrations and activities with local cultural organizations.

·        Reasons for the Seasons: Explore what the earth’s orbit means for weather and seasons world wide.

·        Coldest Places on Earth: Test your geography to find the coldest places on earth, where winter almost never ends.

·        Nutcracker Collection: Explore an impressive collection of Nutcracker memorabilia, a classic symbol of the season that spans many cultures and countries.

·        Travel round the world: Visit tables and activities from local organizations to learn about cultural, seasonal and holiday traditions from around the world.

Sunday, Dec. 28
Without Winter: The Science of Heat

Compare different degrees of heat, and discover an unseen universe using infrared light. Chill out at the infrared wall and study the science of heat!

Monday, Dec. 29
Livin’ the Arctic Life: Surviving the Tundra

Join us for a chilling day of survival science! Discover how organisms, including humans, survive and thrive in the coldest places on the planet! Participate in building a life-size igloo out of plastic jugs, and learn how snow shoes help winter wonderers! Explore animal adaptations of the coolest animals on earth.


Tuesday, Dec. 30  |  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Out of this World Winter

See what weather conditions are like in our solar system and beyond, and what the seasons are like on Jupiter and Mars. Through special demonstrations and activities learn about space "snow", seasons that last for years instead of months, and other extremes of planetary seasons. Find out what life's like as an astronaut and how we live in space.

·        Living in Space: See what it’s like to be an astronaut and what life’s like when you live in space.

·        Seasons of the Solar System:  Look beyond Earth to learn more about the seasons on the other seven planets of our solar system. Pick a planet to make and take home.


·        1:30 - Space Suit Survival: Boldly venture into Cosmic Ray’s to explore the science of space survival. See what every astronaut needs to survive the dangerous journey outside a spacecraft. Want to go on a spacewalk? Don’t forget your spacesuit!

·        2:30 - Liquid Nitrogen Demo: See some liquid nitrogen science to understand some of the extreme weather of our solar system.


Wednesday, Dec. 31
Happy Noon Year!

Celebrate the New Year without staying up until midnight! It’s a fun way for families with younger children to celebrate together. Don’t miss the noisemakers, dancing, a streamer celebration, and much more.


*Lab fee applies. Programs subject to change.







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