Destination: Exploration

Designed for children ages six and under and their accompanying grownups, Destination: Exploration offers an assortment of fun, hands-on activities designed to encourage discovery through play.

This educational environment emphasizes the use of real objects and has an extensive collection for examining shapes and color, creating innovative building structures, learning about transportation with trains, and exploring physics and math.

Any young train enthusiasts will especially enjoy the life-size model train that allows them to step into the shoes of a conductor!

The exhibit area offers a great opportunity for groups visiting with more than one adult to take older children to experience other, more age-appropriate offerings at the Center, while the little ones enjoy a chance to explore and play.



Destination: Exploration also plays home to a new offering at Adventure Science Center…

Imagination Playground

Our Imagination Playground in a Cart™ set features a collection of over-sized blue foam parts that allows children to build and re-build play structures with their imaginations. It helps develop healthy bodies, resilient and creative minds and social and emotional well-being. Architect David Rockwell designed Imagination Playground to encourage child-directed, unstructured free play.

With bricks and cylinders, accented with chutes, channels and parts that suggest motion or connectivity, Imagination Playground helps inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities with parts that are easy to stack, line up and move around. Children enjoy an endless variety of play patterns including construction, pretend play, role-playing and inventing their own games.

ImaginationPlayground-8 ImaginationPlayground-9 ImaginationPlayground-16

 Imagination Playground is made possible in part by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation and KaBOOM!