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DIY Science

Rainy day blues? Summertime slump? Cabin fever?

Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered!

Adventure Science Center is proud to offer DIY Science lessons and experiments the whole family can enjoy! Each lesson provides instruction, a materials list, and ideas for activities to get hands-on with science, including sample questions to get those gears turning. Check back for more lessons!

MAKE A SIMPLE PINHOLE PROJECTOR by Marcin Chojnowski, ASC Eclipse Intern

With only 47 days until totality hits Nashville during the Music City Solar Eclipse , NOW is the time to start getting your family prepared to view the sun safely on this big day. There are a variety of different ways to do this, just check out our blog on Solar Eclipse Safety here»   Or, use the following steps to make a simple pinhole projector at home. Materials: 2 pieces of construction paper (one should be white); cardboard also works well for this project A... Read More
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BALLOON GREENHOUSES by Rachael Woods, ASC Camp Manager

It’s raining, it’s pouring… and here at Adventure Science Center, we are getting excited for sunny picnic lunches, bright green leaves, and breaking out the sandals, but that’s not what we’re most excited about… it’s time for SPRING BREAK! Over spring break, our ScienceQuest Camps are going to be all about the great outdoors. We’ll get our hands dirty with a gardening day, explore the color green for St. Patrick’s Day, and learn about... Read More
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Do you have any fun 4th of July plans with friends and family? Whether you’re cooking out or enjoying time by the pool, you can enchant your guests with these easy-to-make sparklers! Materials 60 milliliters hot water 36 grams potassium nitrate (KNO 3 ) – i.e., stump remover 24 grams sugar (or sucrose) – granulated table sugar is fine cotton yarn (NOT synthetic, like acrylic) clothespins, alligator clips, tongs or a heat protectant glove to hold the... Read More
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School’s out and summer is just around the corner, which means tons of outdoor fun! Celebrate  National Safety Month  by taking a look at how you can keep your skin safe from the harmful effects of the sun. What SPF sunscreen really works to keep out those harmful UV rays? Materials Various strength sunscreens (i.e., SPF 15, SPF 30 & SPF 70) One lotion with no sunscreen Squares of black construction paper Scissors Pen Coins A sunny day! ... Read More
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Ready to work out your brain? Can you name a color and read a color? What if the word and the font color are different? Discover more about how the brain works to process information quickly with this tricky task! Background Middle Tennessee native John Ridley Stroop’s research focused on measuring mental processes involving naming objects as well as reading object names. He developed a color-word task to demonstrate the interference between reading an object’s name and naming... Read More
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Missing out on the  MAD Bash  fun? Here’s an activity you can tinker with at home and ‘wow’ your friends! Vocabulary Hologram– (noun)  a three-dimensional picture made by a complex pattern of light (as laser light). Equilateral– (noun)  having all sides or faces equal <an  equilateral  triangle>. Tinker– (verb)  to repair or adjust something in an unskilled or experimental manner. Materials... Read More
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