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MAD Bash (21+)


March 30, 2019


Our fourth annual MAD Bash fundraiser returns with a chance for you to get to know Adventure Science Center better while exploring the exhibits your family knows and loves during this upscale, adults-only event! 

2018 Ticket Levels

  • Nuclear: $500
    By choosing to go Nuclear, your explosive support will impact the many science enrichment programs that the Science Center offers each and every day. You will also receive access to the special “day of” patrons’ party created especially for kids.  And you will be recognized as one of our super patrons throughout the night.

  • Chemical: $175
    Your transforming support of Adventure Science Center at the Chemical level will be gratefully acknowledged as one of our generous patrons. You will also receive access to the special “day of” patrons’ party created especially for kids. 

  • Mechanical: $100
    Enjoy a night of energy-filled science experiences, incredible food and drink, and an immersive planetarium show—or two!

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2018 Patrons' Party

NEW - Patrons’ Party, co-hosted by Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth

Saturday, March 10, from 9:30–11:30am

Don’t miss getting access to this awesome patron benefit… tickets for the kids to experience an exclusive “day-of” party to explore the Science Center! This very special morning will provide our young guests an exclusive time to explore the museum, participate in special science activities, create something to take home, and enjoy a dance party in the Moonwalk exhibit.

Activities (9:30–11am):

    In our own version of this classic "Whose Line is it Anyway?" improv segment, you can try your hand at supplying sound effects using props or your own voice to fit the scene on our big screen!
    Explore how our eardrums help our brains interpret sounds with our model that lets you see the vibrations in action.
    Did you know there's an instrument you can play WITHOUT touching it?! Explore sound waves with a theramin, tuning forks and more.
    From maracas to rain sticks, this mini-workshop will help you learn how sound is a form of energy and explore how we can change pitch and amplitude by changing the way we play instruments.
    Step into our Moonwalk exhibit and enjoy the first dance party of the day!

Demonstration (11–11:30am):

Join us for a very special demonstration in Jack Wood Hall where we'll literally see sound waves go up in flames!  

[Limited to 150 Chemical/Nuclear-level ticketholders, children must be accompanied by an adult.]

2018 Science Experiments

Rubens' Tube

See sound waves in action with this FLAMING demonstration! Discover how when we use a specialized tool plugged into electronic instruments, like a theramin or a piano, we can actually see pitch and frequency changes with standing waves made of fire.

Van de Graaff Generator

Ever shuffle across carpet in socks and get shocked? Then you’ve experienced static electricity! In this exciting demonstration, we’ll explore electric currents – much like those found in electric guitars – to see incredible reactions using our Van de Graaff generator.

Makey Makey

Step into our Innovation Incubator (I2) to experience the power of technology. With a Makey Makey kit, any material that conducts electricity can become an instrument when connected to a computer. 

Name That Song!

How does music enhance memory and reaction times? In this exciting memory game, guests will compete to see who can name a song fastest. From the hippocampus to the cerebellum, our whole brains are at work when we consume music. Learn more»

2018 MAD Bash Committee

Rankin McGugin, co-chair

Sara Perry, co-chair

Louise Alexander

Constance Baker

Blythe Browne

Julie Burkhalter

Courtney Childress

Kate Chinn

Rose Cook

Amy Crosby

Brittany Davidson

Julie Dretler

Sharon Hale

Carlisle Hamling

Jen Lacey

Callen Martin

Karen Mathews

Kelly Mayes

Ashley McAdams

Vance McGuigan

Hannah Ozburn

Liz Palmer

Blaire Parkes

Amy Pass

Alice Rolli

Polly Ryerson

Michelle Scobey

Carden Simcox

Mackenzie Skeen

Julia Spickard

Whitney St. Pierre

Amanda Tolbert

Heather Traylor

Lauren Weaver

Meg White

Susan Neal Williams

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