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Math Moves

February 3 — May 13, 2018

Use your mind and your whole body in this highly imaginative adventure, packed with surprising challenges and a whole lot of fun!

Come jump, bend, run, and think your way through a fun, fascinating, and super engaging exhibition that's guaranteed to change the way you think about math. Math Moves!, our latest traveling exhibition, uses hand-on activities to help you uncover and better understand the amazing math behind ratio and proportion.

Along with being delighted and entertained, you'll leave this exhibit with a new perspective and a new sense of confidence in your mathematical abilities. 

Do YOU have what it takes to build your math muscle?

Exhibition Highlights


Create your own shadow stories!

Experiment with scale by using a bright-white LED to cast shadows of the objects you place on the grid table. Each object is copied at three proportional heights, so it's a perfect way to see how the shadows of these objects grow and shrink.


Get moving!

Curious to see how your rate of motion affects a graph on a screen? By walking back and forth, slowly and quickly, you can create graphs of your motions. Challenge a friend to see how your movement changes over time, see the direct proportional slopes from your actions, and think about how your rates compare.


It's a balancing act!

Try hanging weights on different types of balances to get an intuitive feel with ratios and proportions. There are three types of balances to experiment with: (1) a traditional math education balance, (2) a balance with a circular scale, and (3) a multi-armed balance with a high degree of complexity and open-endedness.


Get your gears turning!

Sit down at a mechanical drawing table where you can draw harmonic patterns using proportional wheels. Choose which gears to activate and watch as patterns begin to repeat on the page. With this simple tool, you can produce complex, circular drawings while exploring ratios and proportions.

Math Moves! was developed in partnership by: Explora, Albuquerque; Museum of Life & Science, Durham; Museum of Science, Boston; Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Paul; Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE), at San Diego State University and TERC, Cambridge with support from the National Science Foundation.

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800 Fort Negley Blvd. Nashville, TN 37203
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