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Saturday, Sept. 24  |  8:30 to 10 a.m.


Dive deep into 1 ½ hours of members-only access to our new feature exhibition while uncovering some of the oceans’ greatest mysteries with fun science activities. Plus, the first 500 kids will receive an awesome shell collection from us! Subway® will be open for breakfast.

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Special Activities:

  • Under Pressure
    Ever have your ears pop after diving into a pool’s deep end? Explore how pressure changes depending on how deep in the ocean you go!
  • Sight Through Sound
    How can ships and submarines avoid hazards like icebergs and underwater volcanoes? Come discover the amazing world of sonar.
  • Meet the Anglerfish
    Learn more about this deep-sea dweller that utilizes its luminous “fishing line” to lure in unsuspecting prey.
  • Need Water Wings?
    Explore buoyancy and see if you can guess which objects sink and which float!

Subject to change.