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Saturday, May 28  |  8:30 to 10 a.m.


Enjoy 1 ½ hours of members-only access to our new feature exhibit, get a special treat bag (first 300 member families), and celebrate man’s best friend with fun science activities. Subway® will be open for breakfast.

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Special Activities:

  • Whose Noggin Is That?
    Compare and contrast the skulls of four different members of the canine family, including the largest canid ever known to exist – the dire wolf!
  • Furry Factoids
    One thing we love most about dogs are their soft, furry coats. Wild canines rely on their coats to insulate them from their environment. Get an up close look at different canine pelts and decide how each coat could be helpful for survival.
  • In The Wild
    Scientists study canines in the wild to gain a better understanding of how we can protect them and their habitats. Step into the shoes of a researcher and study clues canines leave behind to know how to spot them in the wild.
  • Proper Pet Care
    It’s important to treat man’s best friend with proper care and respect. Learn how different pet care items are important to a healthy dog, and role-play with our plush puppy to practice being a good dog owner.
  • Canines to the Rescue
    From therapy dogs to rescue dogs, learn about the training and tools we use with these special canine companions. See examples of vests worn by different types of assistance dogs to know how to interact with these dogs depending on the job they do.

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