Adventure Tower

The Adventure Tower at Adventure Science Center is packed with exciting scientific exploration! Lift a car without breaking a sweat. Crawl through a beating heart. Then climb through the roof inside the Adventure Tower’s giant glass pyramid for a spectacular view of the Nashville skyline.


Journey up to the third floor where you can watch as hundreds of bees travel in and out of the colony and perform a variety of jobs, including feeding young bees, collecting pollen and nectar, and making honey.

Blue Max

Sharp banks, sky loops and screaming dives await you as you maneuver your very own jet aircraft through the wild blue yonder. BLUE MAX lets you be the pilot, gunner or both as you engage in interactive dog fighting, carrier landings, flight training, and aerobatic maneuvers.


BodyQuest presents a day in the life of your body. See what goes on inside you every day, how your body systems work together and how hard your body works to try to keep itself in good working order!

Innovation Incubator (I2)

The Innovation Incubator (or I2) is Adventure Science Center’s permanent, high-tech maker space where visitors can dream up an idea and watch it come to life!

Mission: Possible

See how science and medicine team up to enable people with disabilities in this uniquely interactive experience featuring obstacles that everyday life presents for people with disabilities – and the machines of rehabilitative medicine designed to overcome them.


Nano is an engaging exhibition about nanoscale science, technology, and engineering (nano). Join us to imagine and discover the nanoscale world – a world so tiny it’s too small to see! This exhibition includes hands-on, interactive exhibits that invite exploration of nano phenomena and real world applications and implications.

Space Chase

Go for a moonwalk, experiment with rocket launches, visit the planets of our solar system and more in this two-story exhibit wing dedicated to the wonders of space and the technology we use to explore the universe.