Ensure Tomorrow... Today

Consider including Adventure Science Center in your estate plans

There’s a reason the Center matters to you. Perhaps you have memories of visiting the museum as a kid and now bring your own family or friends. Perhaps you’re a member or volunteer who’s generously donated your time or money to support our work. Perhaps you believe in our mission to ignite curiosity and inspire lifelong discovery of science, and now wish you could do even more.

You have an important connection with us, and a planned gift is the perfect way to continue that relationship. A planned gift is…

  • Easy to arrange–Set up a planned gift with ease now and revise it without hassle in the future
  • A benefit to everyone–Planned gifts provide for you, your loved ones, and the museum
  • Fit for anyone–It doesn't matter the size of your estate or how much wealth you have to make a planned gift

So what is planned giving exactly? Here's a simple explanation»