We do not offer Memberships in the name of a child (under 17 years of age). Cards presented by non-members are subject to confiscation. Affinity Discounts require verification of eligibility each year at time of purchase or renewal and are not available online.


TN Educator: Open to certified public/private K-12th grade school teachers, teachers at licensed/registered preschool facilities, independent home educators and faculty members of an accredited university or college.

Acceptable forms of Educator verification include: Faculty ID, LEA card, valid teaching license/certificate or recent pay stub. For independent home schoolers, copy of "Intent to Home School" form submitted to your local school district.

Military: Active Duty, Retiree or Reservist military ID card (DD Form 2 or 2A), Discharge papers (DD-214) or Military Dependent ID card (for spouse or children of Active Duty Military personnel) must be presented at time of purchase.

TN College Student: Open to students attending accredited Tennessee college or university. Please present current school photo ID at time of purchase.

Seniors Adults: Open to adults 65 years of age or older. Please present valid photo ID at time of purchase.

NOTE: Affinity discounts require verification of eligibility each year at time of membership purchase or renewal. Limit one discount per membership. Not available online. Discount does not apply to Supporting memberships, Adventure Access Pass, multi-year memberships, add-on options or gift memberships.


Adventure Science Center is committed to making family learning accessible to more Tennessee families. Families that participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, WIC) and the Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program are eligible for the Curiosity Membership.

NOTE: This is a general admission pass, not a membership.


Only children ages 2-18 living in your household are eligible to be included on your ASC membership. Full names and birthdates (mo/yr) for all eligible children must be listed on membership.


Grandparent Option allows grandparents who purchase a membership in their name to bring up to four (4) grandchildren per visit. A named grandparent must accompany child(ren) on each visit.


At least one Designated Adult must be present for any member visit. A Designated Adult must present membership card and proof of identity such as a valid driver’s license or other photo ID at the point of admission. The name on ID must match name indicated on membership. Caregivers are the only exception to this requirement.


Caregiver must be at least 18 years old. Caregiver is not a member but receives free admission when visiting with named Member Child(ren), only when the named cardholder is not present.

When bringing children to the Science Center, EACH TIME the Caregiver must present: 1) valid membership card, e-confirmation or Membership Receipt showing Designated Adult name(s), address and CAREGIVER OPTION (actual or digital photo); and 2) ID of a Designated Adult named on the card.

Accepted forms of ID include: (photo copy or a digital photo accepted)

  • Photo driver license
  • Valid auto insurance card
  • Unexpired passport
  • Other government issued ID

Forms of ID not accepted include business cards, credit cards or personal notes.

NOTE: Caregiver’s children are NOT covered under Caregiver Option.


When only one adult is designated on a membership only one membership card will be issued. When two adults are designated, two cards, each with both adult names, will be issued. This is for member convenience only, so that each adult can keep his or her own copy of the membership card. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks to receive your membership cards or replacement cards. This may be prolonged during peak seasons.For replacement card requests or questions, call (615) 401-5057 or email membership@adventuresci.org.


One replacement of lost or stolen membership card(s) will be complimentary. Any additional replacement cards will be assessed a $2 fee. No exceptions. We reserve the right to limit the number of times membership cards will be replaced in any given membership year.


Outside food or drinks are not allowed in the Science Center. Food and drinks may be purchased at the Subway located in the Skyline Café on the second floor. Visitors are welcome to enjoy brown bag lunches under the covered picnic area located off the lower parking lot.


Membership admission does not apply to school field trips and group visits.


Guests must be accompanied by a Designated Adult member cardholder.


Visitors and Members assume all risks and responsibilities; Adventure Science Center disclaims all liability. Science Center Management reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy or eject any person(s), without refund, whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly, inappropriate or offensive. Adventure Science Center reserves the right to prevent or suspend visitation on days other than those announced for any reason, including, but not limited to, reasons of urgent repair or maintenance and acts of nature, without liability of any kind. Visitors and Members may not commercially use any photography, videography, or reproduction in any form taken during any visit to the Science Center without prior written permission. Visitors and Members grant irrevocable permission to the Science Center and its agents to use his/her image, likeness, and/or sound recordings in any media whatsoever and without compensation. Purchase of a membership or general admission ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms.