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L I T T L E   L A B S

All of our 50-minute Little Lab programs for preschool- through kindergarten-aged students listed below...

  • Are taught by ASC Educators who have a degree in a science field
  • Involve hands-on, interactive content designed to match the Tennessee Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)
  • Come with Teacher Support Materials that include vocabulary lists, pre-visit & post-visit student activities, exhibit connections and resources
  • Will get your students thinking, exploring, laughing and learning


  • Maximum 20 students per lab
  • Schools must provide two additional adults per program to assist the educator
  • Cost at Adventure Science Center: $3 per student in addition to group admission fee (minimum payment for 15 students required)
  • Cost at your school: $135 for the first lab plus mileage fee; $95 for extra lab (same lab, same day)


In this Little Lab, you get to become the paleontologist! Dig up fossils, compare dinosaur features and discover why dinosaurs were so special. This program brings dinosaur bones and fossils right to your classroom! Students will also make dinosaur crafts to take home with them and continue the fun!


Once a wiggly caterpillar, now a beautiful butterfly! Learn about the metamorphosis of this amazing insect, and how other animals and plants change as they grow, just like you!


Design it, build it, and test it! Explore what it means to be an engineer by completing activities that relate to each step of the engineering process. In teams, students will build structures out of different materials and test them against an earthquake! What can be done to make these structures stronger? A take-home engineering craft is also included.


Complete “space training” to see what it’s like to be an astronaut! How is living in space different from living on Earth? Make a rocket ship to take you to space! What supplies will you need to take with you? Students will explore what it is like to be aboard the International Space Station and weightless in space.

Available Monday through Friday. Call (615) 862-5177 or email to reserve, or submit a request»

800 Fort Negley Blvd. Nashville, TN 37203
Hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm
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