Science Live! Presentations

Explore science concepts in our Science Live! programs. These demonstrations and hands-on programs spark imaginations, encourage curiosity, and inspire a spirit of learning. Science Live! is included with general admission to the Science Center.

Current Schedule


Between 1 and 3 p.m., you can find our Educators in various locations in the Science Center with a variety of exciting hands-on science demonstrations to help ignite curiosity during your visit!


12 & 3 p.m. – Educator’s Choice
Join us in either Cosmic Ray’s or Eureka Theater for a 15-minute demonstration selected by one of our Educators. From Newton’s Cradles to Van de Graff generators, our Educators are prepared to WOW you with SCIENCE! Listen for the announcements for where this unique Sci-Bite will be held during your visit.

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Subject to change.