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Fulldome Features

Art and science collide.

Fulldome Features are special monthly selections that highlight the unique and beautiful content being created for the fulldome environment. We're constantly adding new selections to the library as we work with more and more artists. A portion of ticket sales from every show goes directly to its producer. It's a meaningful way for you and us to support those who dedicate themselves to blending art and technology into one.


Second Saturday

Fulldome Features are an integral part of our monthly Second Saturday event. Join us for an evening of space, art, and lasers!

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Here are a few of our favorites…

Goodnight Planetarium

Both energetic and relaxing, take a musical journey underwater, through Tokyo, and around planet Earth. This show is collaboration with a Japanese popular rock band Sakanaction, who are famous for expressing themselves through various genres of music.

The Man from the 9 Dimensions

Using the latest scientific data and hypotheses, horror movie pioneer Takashi Shimizu has created this new type of science movie. With supervision of Professor Hirosi Ooguri (a leading scientist in the field of Superstring Theory) and the collaboration of filmmakers, The Man from the 9 Dimensions visualizes the world as theoretical physicists see it.


Art and sacred geometry create a kaleidoscope of imagery never seen before. Become the main character as though a stunning painting comes to life all around you. Samskara won the Best Short Film award at the Fiske Fulldome Film Festival 2015.

Art Universe

Produced for VoodooFest 2015, this stunning, immersive creation, featuring original score and sound design, brings still artistic images to fulldome life using 3D modelling, animation and compositing to put the audience inside the art.

Chaos and Order

Take a spectacular journey through sensuous, ever-evolving images, choreographed to symphonic electronic music. Through geometric forms, algorithms, and chaos theory, the show explores breathtaking animated visuals of unprecedented beauty.

Space Rock Symphony

Experience a modern “Rock-Fairytale” where the greatest symphonic rock hits and beautiful cosmic imagery immerse you under the 63-foot dome. A new fulldome production sent to Nashville all the way from Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, Germany.

Planet Nine

Is there a new Planet Nine beyond distant dwarf worlds like Eris, Haumea, and Sedna? See beautiful views of our solar system’s history, learn why we believe there’s something out there, and join “Pluto-killer” Mike Brown on night one of the hunt!

Fantastic Fractals

Fantastic Fractals is a spectacular, award-winning fulldome show that takes you on a tour of fractals in nature and zooms through infinitely complex mathematical fractals. Featuring original music, the show is educational and highly entertaining.

Second Saturday

Adventure Science Center is open from 10am-10pm on the Second Saturday of the month.
Extended hours mean more shows and more time to explore!

Second Saturday

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