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Professional Development



Our amazing professional development workshops provide fresh ideas for hands-on, low-cost lessons that help you teach standards-based science in a truly engaging way. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the workshop that may be used as a professional development credit at the school system’s discretion.


We’re happy to provide professional development workshops at the location of your choosing and will work with you to develop programming tailored to your specific curriculum needs. Workshops are limited to 30 participants per session.

CURRENT PROGRAMS: Makey Makey Invention Literacy


For Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Teachers

Adventure Science Center is proud to announce its partnership with Makey Makey to deliver this hands-on workshop on invention literacy, circuitry and programming. Participants will walk away with their own Makey Makey kit after a day of experimenting with all the different ways to invent and create using Makey Makey. The principles and activities in this workshop are ideal for incorporating inquiry, engineering, and technology in your classroom. After completing the workshop, participants will have access to Makey Makey Labz, an online community for educators to share their Makey Makey lessons and creations! Cost: $50 $25

June 26 July 31

Discounted Makey Makey PD sessions are made possible by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


Kindergarten to Fourth Grade
Fifth to Eighth Grade

This workshop will help Educators challenge their students to explore and understand STEM topics and the Engineering Design Process. Educators will leave with samples of activities to use immediately in the classroom. Resources for promoting STEM literacy and aligning lessons to the Next Generation Science Standards will be showcased. Use the skills learned in this workshop to transform science from just a school subject into a critical way to understand, explore and engage with the world. Cost: $30


Kindergarten to Second Grade Educators
Third to Sixth Grade Educators

Spend the day delving into activities and resources that help students better understand the Earth-Moon-Sun system. Educators will leave with samples of activities to use immediately in the classroom. Resources for promoting science literacy and aligning lessons to the Tennessee State Standards and Common Core will be showcased.  Also included in the workshop is a planetarium show with time for a Q&A session with our Planetarium Educators. As a special add-on for the 2016-2017 school year, resources and activities to prepare your students for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Nashville will be incorporated. Cost: $30


Third to Sixth Grade Educators

Observe, measure and experiment with energy, motion, matter and forces in this workshop. Educators will leave with samples of activities to use immediately in the classroom. Resources for promoting science literacy and aligning lessons to the Tennessee State Standards and Common Core will be showcased. Re-energize your students this year by setting their curious minds in motion with some solid activities they’ll be sure to be attracted to again and again! Cost: $30


Pre-K to Second Grade Educators

This nature-based early childhood program from Project WILD! and the Council for Environmental Education offers low-cost, hands-on, active and thematic units that invite children to explore wildlife and the world around them. Participants receive a Growing up WILD! activity book with more than 100 pages of lessons on art, music, movement, science inquiry, math, language and literacy connections.

In addition to Growing Up WILD!, Adventure Science Center will provide participants an in-depth session on how to develop engaging and age-appropriate learning expeditions to Adventure Science Center and how to incorporate that experience into your daily lessons. Cost: $40 (includes lesson book)


All Educators

Discover the fundamentals of using inquiry-based learning and the scientific method in your classroom:

  • Learn goals and approaches for hands-on inquiry learning 
  • Learn to plan and conduct an experiment using inquiry process
  • Use workshop resources to incorporate inquiry practices into your existing classroom lessons

Give your students the tools they need to inquire, observe, and deduce scientific meaning from the world around them!


For Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Teachers

With the upcoming Music City Solar Eclipse, it's important to help your students understand the significance of and learn how to safely view this celestial phenomenon. Sessions will focus on viewing safety and provide connections to the standards to each grade level, as well as provide activities and materials to take into your classroom. The session includes a chance to see the fulldome ECLIPSE: The Sun Revealed show with a special question-and-answer session with one of our eclipse experts. Cost: $30

We can also design special programs to bring to your school! Contact to learn more.

Call (615) 401-5088 or email for more information, or (615) 862-5177 to book.

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