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Open through April 26, 2015.


It’s time to strap on your tool belts for Adventure Science Center’s Tinkering Garage, Nashville’s Tg4premier DIY maker-space for families, school children and science enthusiasts of all ages! Step into the ultimate workshop where we provide the space and resources, and you decide what to do next. We’re talking REAL tools, REAL materials and the freedom to innovate and explore a wide range of gadgets and contraptions.

TG2ASC’s Tinkering Garage is a place where your inner hacker-maker-tinkerer-inventor-designer can come out and play! An assortment of materials, tools and technologies are provided for you to unleash your creativity. It is a special space where the self-guided process of trying things out, seeing what happens, reflecting and evaluating, and trying again is celebrated. It’s project-based learning at its best!

In this temporary space, you can take apart a small appliance, see how it worked, and then invent something new using its parts. Or you might build a robot, solder a circuit, be part of a collaborative group project, experiment with different textures, patterns and fabrics—the possibilities are endless!TG3

Visit the Tinkering Garage “Tool Bar” and choose from a wide selection of hammers, power drills, screwdrivers, saws and much more. Trained staff and volunteers are available to assist when using tools that need extra supervision and will happily brainstorm if tinkerers hit a creative wall.

Tinkering Garage Hours:

Daily: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.




This exhibit made possible with major support from:

The CarMax Foundation

Additional support provided by:

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