More than just another extracurricular, Youth CR3W is a program that prepares Nashville teens for college and the working world. Students are encouraged to apply as high school freshmen, committing to the program for four years. Pronounced “crew,” the “3” in CR3W represents three E’s: engage, explore, and explain.



The primary responsibilities of Youth CR3W include interpreting exhibits for guests and facilitating public events.


Youth CR3W offers an opportunity to hone communication skills in a professional environment through gaining confidence with public speaking and leadership roles, discovering real-world business skills and etiquette, and developing a solid work ethic. The program allows students to explore their own evolving career interests in a way that has a positive community impact.


Being able to explain science to a wide range of ages is one of the primary skill sets developed throughout the Youth CR3W program. The sheer enthusiasm of Youth CR3W participants helps guests forge better connections with Science Center exhibits and programs.


For participants:

  • Enhance attitude, skills, knowledge and appreciation for STEM class work and careers
  • Increase interest in learning, understanding of specific concepts and inquiry skills
  • Develop and refine social skills and valuable life skills
  • Develop communication skills that boost self-image and the confidence needed to converse and interact with museum visitors

For Adventure Science Center:

  • Increase educational value to schools and the community
  • Add vitality to the visitor experience with an enthusiastic and professional on-floor youth presence
  • Inform exhibit and program development for the teen audience
  • Broaden the Science Center’s audience

How to Apply

Youth CR3W applications are accepted from high school students (rising freshmen through seniors) online in November each year.

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