ScienceQuest Camps

ScienceQuest Camp at Adventure Science Center provides a wide range of science enrichment programs for youth in grades K-9. Programs combine science, technology, engineering and math in ways that encourage kids to actively discover and examine concepts for themselves. We inspire a life-long passion for learning and teach kids creative problem-solving skills, teamwork, persistence and follow-through in a fun learning environment.

Early Explorers

Introduce your preschooler to the wonders of science before the Science Center opens to the general public! On select Mondays*, Early Explorers can enjoy all the exhibits, see a special preschool planetarium show, and attend story time with our staff.

Homeschool & Family Science Labs

Homeschool & Family Science Labs are parent/student hands-on science experiences. One parent and one or more children form a team to explore science stations and observe demonstrations built around common science topics such as chemical reactions, life science topics, technology and much more.

Little Labs

You and your young scientist (age 3-5) are invited to participate in age-appropriate lab activities, science craft, a movement activity and story time—all designed to strengthen emerging skills and ignite curiosity in young minds.

Sudekum Planetarium

Travel to the outer reaches of the universe in the Sudekum Planetarium! Check our schedule for showtimes and tickets.


TWISTER (Tennessee Women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Research) aims to inform high school aged young women about possible science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career paths, by providing opportunities for participants to connect with positive female role models working in STEM fields and to engage in hands-on, real-life STEM activities.


Adventure Science Center believes in inspiring young members of the community by facilitating the learning of science through dynamic leadership. We have many uniquely planned activities for Scouts, including camp-ins and badge workshops.


Experience the ultimate exploration of science with an all-night sleepover, or create your own private adventure with an Almost Overnight event.

Star Parties

Star parties are a great way to become acquainted with the real night sky. At least once a month, astronomy enthusiasts from across Middle Tennessee gather under a clear night sky to set up their telescopes and share the astronomical sights above. To minimize the effects of light pollution, star parties are usually held at local parks away from downtown.

Youth CR3W

When the Adventure Science Center decided to revive a decades-old youth development program, nobody had any idea how big an impact it would have on everyone involved. Youth CR3W participants’ primary responsibilities include interpreting exhibits for guests and facilitating public events. Students apply as high school freshmen, committing to the program for four years.