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Category: Chow Down

DO COCKROACHES HAVE CEREAL PREFERENCES? by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

As playful and passionate experimenters, our team at Adventure Science Center lives and breathes for the scientific method. We spent the month of November with our guests exploring all things food – from chemistry in the kitchen to how candies get their colors. Behind the scenes, my inner-mad scientist decided to come out to play. We have resident Blaptica dubia cockroaches – who are pets, not pests! – in our Education offices that sometimes serve as a composting... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 12/7/18
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STOP WASTING, START COMPOSTING by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

Food provides us with sustenance and energy that we can use every day. However, did you know that we’re wasting food at an alarming rate? In America alone, studies have found people waste nearly 150,000 tons of food per year . That’s nearly a pound of food per person! Use these simple tricks to start reducing food waste in your own home today: Store food smartly! via GIPHY By using airtight containers to store leftover food, you can help keep it safe from... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/20/18
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WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM… EVEN IN SPACE! by Patrick King II, Planetarium Educator

As a kid growing up in Southern Louisiana, going to John Stennis Space Center was THE highlight in the field trip era of my young life. It wasn’t because it’s NASA’s largest rocket engine test facility. It wasn't because it played an integral role in the development of the Saturn V rocket. It was because of... astronaut ice cream!  Astronaut Foods For the uninitiated, “astronaut ice cream” is a crumbly, chalky bar of freeze dried ice... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/16/18
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INTERVIEW WITH AN ENTOMOLOGIST by Erin Castellano, Science Educator

It’s Chow Down month at Adventure Science Center, meaning we’re celebrating all things food! Now, you may be sitting there wondering what an “Interview with an Entomologist” has to do with food. Did you know the United States is one of the minority when it comes to eating insects? In fact, 80% of the world’s population eats insects as part of their regular diets. According to PBS, the edible-insect movement is on the rise in the U.S., even though no one... Read More
Posted by Molly Hornbuckle at 11/6/18
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