Science tattoos you won't regret in a year


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Science tattoos you won't regret in a year

Tattoos are a (mostly) permanent decision. If you’re a science nerd looking to show your love for all things scientific, a tattoo is a fun way to express your devotion. Here are some unique science tattoo ideas you won’t end up regretting.




Think chemical structures would make for boring tattoos? Think again. There are plenty of ways to make a an organic chemistry structure into a beautiful piece of art. Whether you go for a splash of watercolor, delicate linework or decorative touches, choosing a molecule that is meaningful for you might be the most difficult part. The best part is these science tattoos can be as subtle as you’d like.





There’s nothing that captivates humans quite like the thought of space exploration. Show your love for planets, stars and our universe with a space-themed science tattoo. Some fun ideas for an astronomy tattoo below include the lunar phases, a tiny solar system (complete with Pluto!) and a constellation.





Mathematics and particularly geometry hold plenty of tattoo inspiration. From the golden spiral to fractals and other geometric shapes, there are many people with math tattoos that may not even realize it! Of course you can also go more straightforward with your math ink - like the quadratic formula below.





There are so many ways to honor a love of biology with a science tattoo, but we think some of the coolest examples are anatomical drawings. Whether your piece is big or small, anatomical drawings of body structures, plants and animals can make for stunning science tattoos that truly look like art.



No matter how you honor your love of science, we hope this look at unique science tattoos sparked your interest in science-inspired ink!

Posted by Carly Vaughn at 3:19 PM
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