TOP FIVE SCIENCE PODCASTS by Paul Attea, Science Educator


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TOP FIVE SCIENCE PODCASTS by Paul Attea, Science Educator

For any of you auditory learners out there, here is a list of my top 5 favorite science podcasts that are sure to entertain, inspire, and excite! Get ready to turn your routine dog walk or morning commute into the most enlightening listing experience of your day.


If I could pick one word to describe Science Friday, I would go with "Delightful." Sometimes I tune into SciFri just to get a little dose of Ira Flatow’s warm and enthusiastic radio persona. The show touches on all fields of science, and each segment ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Guest interviews provide expert insight into current science news. 


The first time I heard Big Picture Science, the corny intro skit had me thinking twice about the download.  But it didn’t take long to fall in love with it. Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley make a great duo in this hour-long science program featuring shows with punny titles like Gene-y in a Bottle and With All Our Mites. Big Picture Science explores general science concepts in a way that feels both entertaining and informative.


Man, am I proud that I get to share my first name with this awesome scientist and super cool podcast host. Paul Matt Sutter’s Ask a Spaceman! (one of the many great programs hosted by Sutter) is a Q and A program delving into answers to emailed viewer questions. Openly unscripted, Sutter’s tone is like listening to a casual conversation at a party—with an astrophysicist. He combines goofy humor with technical explanations and never forgets to translate for the laymen out there, like me.


If you’re more of a news junkie, the AAAS Science program is the podcast for you. This show, produced by the American Association on the Advancement of Science, delivers the week’s latest science headlines. The stories connect with content featured on their online news site and in their Science News print magazine (also great!). Each episode is around 20 minutes and will keep you updated on current science news.


For the space junkies out there, the folks at the Planetary Society broadcast a weekly podcast you’re sure to love. Hosted by Mat Kaplan, Planetary Radio features interesting behind the scenes interviews with the movers and shakers of today’s space exploration industry. And, as a bonus, the ever-popular Bill Nye, who happens to be the CEO of the Planetary Society, makes regular appearances on the show. 

- Paul Attea, Science Educator

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