WHAT IS EARTH DAY? by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator


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WHAT IS EARTH DAY? by Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

On April 22,1970, the very first Earth Day celebration saw 20 million Americans take to the streets, parks and auditoriums across the country to speak up for a healthy, sustainable environment.

Since that first celebration, Earth Day has grown into a worldwide phenomenon featuring 192 countries banding together to give back to the planet we call home. From preventing deforestation to coral reef restoration, Earth Day is a time when we plant trees, learn how to conserve water and hear from scientists all over the world about ways to help this V.I.P., very important planet.


This Saturday, April 21, we’re hosting our very own Earth Day Celebration where you can learn some amazing facts about our favorite V.I.P. while having tons of fun with hands-on activities and live science demonstrations. Learn more about our celebration»

Until then, here are some things you can do right now to help:

  1. Take SHORTER SHOWERS to help conserve water.
  2. NEVER THROW TRASH into waterways, like lakes, oceans and streams.
  3. TURN LIGHTS OFF and UNPLUG chargers when you are not using them.
  4. ALWAYS RECYCLE when you can.
  5. TAKE A WALK and enjoy this fantastic planet.


But wait, there’s more… you too can be a scientist — a citizen scientist!

Join the ranks of National Geographic scientists by checking out projects you can get involved in all over the world. Click here»

To get involved closer to home, we’ve partnered with Fort Negley for the City Nature Challenge here in Nashville. From April 27–30, groups will explore outside the science center and Fort Negley to snap pictures of the flora and fauna (animals, bugs and trees) around our grounds. We’ll be uploading these pictures to the iNaturalist app, and scientists everywhere can see the incredible biodiversity found right here in Nashville. Learn more»

- Bethany Caldwell, Science Educator

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