Engineering Day


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Engineering Day

02/22/2020, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Join us for hands-on engineering challenges and exploration of different branches of engineering: from mechanical and chemical to environmental and civil engineering. 

Activities include:

Junkbox Hero -  Compete to complete the challenge! We give you a design and you build using only the materials on the table.
Re-invent the Wheel - Everything has been engineered to do something. But, can you think up new ways to use these tools?
Engineering the Arts - Art and engineering go hand in hand using our Makey-Makey. Can you create a masterful masterpiece?
Ancient Engineering - Long ago before we had trains, planes, and modern technology, our ancestors built pyramids to the sky. Step into the role of an ancient engineer. 
Da Vinci's Secrets - Da Vinci was known for his skills. Check out some of his original concepts and see if you can match them to their modern day counterpart.