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DIY Science

We are proud to offer fun DIY science experiments the whole family can enjoy! We hope you'l have fun digging into the subjects below, and we can't wait to see you at the museum.

Please consider making a donation to support the museum's mission during the COVID-19 closure.

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GOT RHYTHM? an invitation from Vanderbilt's Music Cognition Lab

Do you have rhythm? Join a new music-genetics study and learn more about your own rhythm! Do you have good rhythm? Or is rhythm hard for you? All skill levels are welcome! Vanderbilt University's Music Cognition Lab is interested in the biological basis of rhythm ability and are inviting English-speaking adults to participate in an online rhythm study. Participants will be asked to: Participate in a [5-15 or 10-20] minute online task involving listening to different sounds... Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/15/20

MINI ROBOT BUG, by JoshBuilds

Learn how to make a mini robot bug! This is a simple robot made out of household materials that can move around on your desk. The materials used are super easy to come by and the projects is awesome so definitely try to DIY. Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/15/20


Fireproof balloon Balloon and flames don't mix, unless you add a little water to conduct heat. Check out the fun video with Abby below - and try it at home! Just make sure you have an adult helping you! Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/13/20

MATTER MADNESS! with Bethany Caldwell

What makes up the world around us? Learn all about solids, liquids and gases in this DIY project with Bethany! Download the scavenger hunt worksheet to follow along by clicking here! Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/12/20

FAST SPROUTING SEEDS, by youshouldgrow

5 fast sprouting seeds to grow In this post from , you'll learn about 5 fast sprouting seeds you can grow indoors – even right on your kitchen counter! Read the article here >   Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/10/20


Sit at the top of the Adventure Tower, hang out with the dinosaur or chill in the planetarium - all in your next online meeting! Choose your own background by clicking on the links below - your co-workers will be jealous. Dinosaur Inside the planetarium Superpower Dogs Planets / Space Chase Top of the Adventure Tower Destination Exploration (5 and under area) Galactic Gardens / exterior Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/10/20

VAN DE GRAAFF FUN, with Jason Moeller

LIVE Science! How do magnets and electricity work, plus fun with our Van de Graaff generator! Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/10/20

KITCHEN PANDEMIC, EP.3, with Jason Moeller

What causes electricity? How does something as simple as a balloon able to bend water? Check it out in these DIY balloon experiments with Jason! Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4   Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/8/20


From hot pink peeps to potato stamps to bird feeders, we have some fun Easter-related science projects to keep you busy for a whole afternoon! Click on a photo to see the tutorial. Toilet paper roll bunny stamps Easter Peeps science experiment Handmade potato Easter egg stamps DIY springtime bird feeder   For more crafty fun, be sure to follow us on Pinterest > Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/7/20

BACKYARD BUG HOTEL, with Bethany Caldwell

There are hundreds of types of bugs to discover right in your own backyard or neighborhood park! From lightning bugs to spiders, caterpillars to butterflies, you can create your own bug hotel with this fun DIY project with Bethany!   Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/6/20

LIQUID NITROGEN!, by Jason Moeller

Nitrogen is in a liquid state when at a very low temperature. Liquid nitrogen boils at −196 °C / −321 °F. It is easily transported and has many useful applications including storing items at cold temperatures, in the field of cryogenics, as a computer coolant, fertilizers, dynamite, medical anesthetic and even car racing! Under normal conditions nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, and it makes up around 78% of the air you breathe. Nitrogen is present in... Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/3/20

KITCHEN PANDEMIC, EP. 2, by Jason Moeller

Scientists use the pH scale to measure how acidic or basic something is. This scale ranks things from 0 to 14. 0 to 7 are acids, with 0 being the strongest, and 7 to 14 are bases, with 14 being the strongest base. If a liquid has a pH of 7, it's neutral - like water. In this episode of The Kitchen Pandemic, ASC's science educator Jason shows us how bases and acids can react to create a fizzy, bubbly explosion! You can follow along in your own kitchen (or outdoors) with baking soda,... Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 4/1/20


Adventure Science Center is contributing to global scientific research efforts to fight diseases such as COVID-19 by enabling the use of their powerful Sudekum Planetarium servers through a platform run by the University of California, Berkeley, with support from the National Science Foundation. The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a volunteer, crowdsourced computing platform that downloads scientific computing jobs to remote computers and runs programs in an effort... Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 3/31/20


April showers bring may flowers! And what brings showers? Clouds! In this DIY tutorial, you can make your very own cloud viewer to check out what's ahead in the Tennessee skies. Download the PDF here >   Read More
Posted by Courtney Cotton at 3/30/20