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Fossil Frontiers

Work in Progress

Starting this summer, discover dinosaurs that roamed the Earth for more than a hundred million years – right here at Adventure Science Center. Fossil Frontiers will include dinosaur skeletons, fossil displays, and interactive activities for guests to uncover their love of paleontology.

Featured in this gallery will be several fossil casts, including a Deinonychus. This species could grow up to 11 feet long and lived during the Cretaceous Period about 115 - 108 million years ago. The first remains were uncovered in 1931 in southern Montana.

This space will also include educational information about the Edmontosaurus, a herbivore that also lived during the Cretaceous Period and the only land dinosaur fossil found in Tennessee.

More exciting details will be announced in the coming months. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all our updates.

Fossil Frontiers will be located on the first floor near the Sudekum Planetarium and construction is underway right now. More information will be announced over the coming months. Visit us this week for a sneak peek at the exhibition!

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