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sonardBbuey: la convergencia de la ciencia y el sonido

Music is the heart of Nashville’s identity, and the science of sound is at the heart of music! Explore the physics behind the notes you hear and the technology that enables musicians to create unforgettable songs.

Giving Sight to Sound

You’ve heard music before—but have you ever seen it? Use floating pellets to visualize a sound wave as you change its frequency, then strum the string of an upright bass and watch it move in slow motion. See how a microphone converts the vibrations from your voice into a laser’s movement.

Make Some Music

You don’t have to be a pro to make something cool! Experiment with different rhythms and melodies to make your very own composition, then try your hand at conducting the Nashville Symphony! Use your body to manipulate the sliders on a mixing board and discover how effect pedals help guitarists create unique sounds.


Career Connections

You don’t have to be a musician to be in the music industry! Throughout soundBox, you’ll encounter Nashvillians who have made their careers out of sound. Some mix the music, while others repair the instruments. One’s a scientist and another an artist—it’s amazing how many different ways you can be involved in the music industry.

Esta exhibición también es completamente bilingüe para nuestros huéspedes de habla hispana.

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