Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator

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Sharp banks, sky loops, and screaming dives await you on Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator. Riders will choose one of the many roller coasters, interactive movies, or passenger-controlled flight simulations and then hold on tight!

$8 for Members | $10 for Non-Members

Flight Rules for Single Rider

Must be at least 48" tall
Max weight: 175 pounds

Flight Rules for Two Riders

Must be at least 48" tall*
Riders' weight differential must be 175 pounds or less
Max combined weight: 450 pounds
* Riders between 42" and 47" may ride ONLY if accompanied by a second rider who is 48" or taller and 16 years of age or older.

Please Note: Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator is not recommended for persons who experience motion sickness; experience claustrophobia; are pregnant; are epileptic; have heart conditions, back or neck ailments, or any serious disabilities; or are in a condition at the time of the ride that would impair judgment.

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