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Persecución espacial

WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSEExplore our newest permanent exhibit gallery.ACTIVITIES YOU WON'T WANT TO MISSCosmic Rays Compete with the crews of other ships as you explore space by playing Beyond Our […]

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Cuarto estado de la materia

Channel your inner Nikola TeslaOriginally discovered by Sir William Crookes in 1879, plasma is created through a process called ionization, which adds energy to a gas so that some of […]

Tinker 2.0

Tinker 2.08 new interactive experiences in our South Gallery include:Designing an aerodynamic carRacing against other air-powered carsLaunching air-powered rocketsExploring the power of magnetsPlaying in our augmented reality sandboxConnecting circuits and […]

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Innovation Incubator (i2)

Meet the future of makerspacesWhat visitors are saying about i2:"My kids are 13 and 11 and our family has a passion for science. We have been to dozens of science museums […]


Centro de Ciencias de la Aventura Nashville

¡Una increíble aventura que desafía la gravedad! Bancos pronunciados, bucles en el cielo y clavados a gritos te esperan mientras maniobras tu propio avión a reacción a través del salvaje azul de allá. Blue Max te deja ser

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Recycle Rainforest: Now Open

open now - Spring 2023Inside our South Gallery, we're creating an indoor rainforest made entirely of recycled materials!Here's how it works:Outside South Gallery, grab your choice of clean recyclable materials […]

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Adventure Gallery

Inside the 1,300-square-foot gallery, guests will learn about the creative engineering that enables extraordinary feats like climbing the highest mountains and exploring the deepest oceans, as well as awesome activities […]

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