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June Theme: Astronomy Month


June Theme: Astronomy Month

Por Adventure Science Center

One of our favorite aspects of scientific discovery has always been the field of astronomy. With a rich history of space exploration in the Sudekum Planetarium, we've been sharing our love of space for decades.

As we move into the summer at Adventure Science Center, we want to focus on the study of the stars, planets, and astronomical events for Astronomy Month throughout June.

Check out a few of the activities we're facilitating this month and explore the science behind it all.

Themed programming will take place:

Activities in the i2 Makerspace

  • June 1-2: Air Dry Clay Martians
  • June 8-9: Suminagashi Planets
  • June 15-16: Suminagashi Planets
  • June 22-23: Star Jewelry Craft!
  • June 29-30: Walking Rover Wind Up Craft

Early Explorer Storytime Books and Activities

  • June 3: A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars
    • Early Explorers will make a constellation projector with a flashlight and construction paper. Guests will observe how the light from the flashlight passes through the paper and creates star designs on the floor and walls.
  • June 10: Trouble in Space
    • Early Explorers will explore the fog created by a rocket with a fog cloud demonstration.
  • June 17: There's No Place Like Space!
    • Early Explorers will make illuminated planet nightlights using ping pong balls and tea lights. Guests will decorate their planet, then place the planet on top of a tea light to watch it glow.
  • June 24: Mae Among the Stars
    • Early Explorers will craft space helmets and learn why it is so important for astronauts to have the proper gear for space travel.

Time: Every Monday at 9:30 am
Localización: Eureka Theatre on the second floor
Ages: Pre-K (Kids Under Five)
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Floor Cart Activities and Demonstrations

During “Astronomy Month” we are learning about space travel and the planets, stars, and other things visible in the night sky.

Create a Crater 

Visitors will learn how craters are made on Earth, Earth's moon, and Mars by dropping various objects into a pit of sand. Guests can observe how objects of different masses and sizes can create different sizes and shapes of craters.

Nebula Spin Art 

Visitors will use the power of centrifugal force to create a dynamic piece of art. Guests will learn about the colors of the universe and the kind of special equipment astronomers use to measure waves throughout the galaxy and beyond. 

Vacuum Chamber 

Visitors will learn about the importance of proper space equipment in space travel. A science center staff member will put solids, liquids, and gases into a vacuum chamber to simulate the conditions in outer space. Guests can observe what could happen to human bodies without a spacesuit!

Design, Build, Test Satellite Activity 

Visitors will design, build, and test a satellite. Guests will choose which tools and instruments they would like to prioritize for their satellites. A staff member or volunteer will help guests put their satellite through NASA spin and shake tests to mensure their satellite is ready for space travel. 

DIY Mars Rover Activity 

Visitors will make a Mars rover that will glide across the Martian landscape. Guests will use balloons and CDs to craft their one-of-a-kind exploratory tool.

Adventure Science Center is open:

Monday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Join us this month for science fun for all ages!




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