AR Physiology Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest skeleton of them all?

This exhibit is a partnership between Dr. Bennett Landman’s lab in the Department of Engineering at Vanderbilt University and the Interdisciplinary Science and Research Program (ISR) at Hillsboro High School. Students in the ISR program used curriculum developed by Dr. Joshua Swartz, who teaches at Hillsboro High School, to create the AR Physiology Mirror that is on display at Adventure Science Center.

This augmented reality experience is made possible by a camera that tracks your position using lasers and then uses code to overlay muscles and a skeleton on the video that is displayed like a mirror. The camera is called an Orbbec camera. You can scan the QR code in the middle of this new exhibit to find out more about the code used to create this exhibit, how to buy an Orbbec camera and create your very own augmented reality mirror!

Dr. Swartz of Hillsboro High School said the goal of the project wis to “showcase AR technology, provide young budding scientists an opportunity to learn coding themselves, while tying into the anatomy and physiology wing of the ASC.”

Our augmented reality mirror can be found right outside BodyQuest, near Skyline Café! Come check it out for yourself.

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