Infinium Room

OPEN now!

Infinium Room invites you to immerse yourself in the concept of infinity. From the endless expanse of the cosmos to the repeating geometry of fractals, we are surrounded by infinity in nature. It’s an idea as strange as it is awe-inspiring. 

Step inside to experience infinity like never before. Within this finite space, technology transforms your senses and unleashes your imagination. An interactive video floor combines with mirrors on the walls and ceiling to remove all the boundaries of reality. The completely original, dynamic visual content is synchronized to a 360° audio soundscape to create a truly immersive experience. 

Infinium Room will take you to new worlds. But only you can answer the question: what does INFINITY feel like to me?

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Access to Infinium Room is included in the cost of general admission to the science center. 

Infinium Room was created in partnership with EAMOTION , a Nashville-based live entertainment production company focused on bringing immersive audiovisual experiences to life in creative, non-traditional settings. 

Science and technology work hand-in-hand with a number of traditional creative arts to bring a vision like Infinium Room to life. A wide range of skills is needed in EAMOTION’s line of work. It takes the close coordination of artists, designers, audiovisual (A/V) technicians, animators, coders, engineers, and more; proving that collaboration is an essential component of the creative arts within science and technology.



Erik Anderson - Concept Designer & Creative Director
Emily Pierce - Art Director & Associate Creative Director
Mike Kluge - Video Content Director & Lead Animator
David Supica - Project Manager

Project Collaborators:

Lauren Cierzan - Illustrator
Matthew DeLisi - Animator
Mollie Tarlow - Animator
Christian Thomas - Music & Soundscape Director
Nate Turley - Interactive Software Technician
Kenny Gay - Lead LED Technician

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