Interactive Media

Interactive Media showcases highly dynamic and interactive exhibits where guests will immerse themselves in cutting-edge, full-body experiences. Guests can participate in arcade and dance games using their movement to play augmented reality versions of classic arcade favorites like Tetroactive (Tetris) and Jumpzilla (Breakout) - see more details below!

In addition, Santa Barbara-based artist Marco Pinter’s exhibit Reflections: Thermal Gestures is a unique and interactive exploration that uses thermal photography to capture and illustrate guests’ movement over time using heat-sensing cameras and projectors.

About the exhibits


In this Tetris-inspired game, you'll use your body to control tiles, clear rows and score points.


Break the boundaries. Explore movement in this artistic piece that shows how interconnectedness brings energy to the body.


Bust the blocks. Inspired by classic block-busting games, you'll use your body to aim at targets, catch power ups, and go for the gold.


Discover what your body leaves behind with this specialized fabric designed to capture your heat signature.

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