Recycle Rainforest

Now closed to make way for Tinkering Garage

Inside our South Gallery, we're creating an indoor rainforest made entirely of recycled materials!

Here's how it works:

  • Outside South Gallery, grab your choice of clean recyclable materials (cardboard, deconstructed electronics, manufacturing materials, etc.) and art supplies.
  • Use these materials to make an animal, bug, or plant to include in our "recycled rainforest."
  • Follow signs in the "making" area for information about rainforest habitats, creatures that depend on rainforest habitats, recycling and its benefits, and upcycling/reuse.
  • Once you've completed your recycled creation, you will have the opportunity to either place your creation inside the Recycle Rainforest environment or take it home and upcycle the materials!

Once the exhibit is complete, we will recycle or reuse as much of the materials in the Recycle Rainforest as possible so we can continue to impact the environment in a positive way!

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