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Adventure Tower

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Crawl through a beating heart. Generate power by pedaling a bicycle. Play with your shadow. Climb through the roof to see a spectacular view of downtown Nashville.

Packed with larger-than-life fun for kids and adults

Adventure Tower is more than 75 feet tall, with an observation deck and breathtaking views of the city. Enjoy hands-on, educational science activities exploring Earth Science, Creativity and Innovation, Sound and Light, Air and Space, Health, and Energy—all designed to ignite your curiosity and bring science to life!


Have you ever wanted to climb to the top of the world? Enter the giant, 14-foot diameter globe at the top of our Adventure Tower to see the world from a new perspective.

Peek through our binoculars to get a stunning bird’s-eye view of the Nashville skyline.




Analyze shapes and motion and create your own imaginative inventions.

Wheel & Axle
Get those gears turning while exploring how a wheel and axle work together to make things move!

Tessellation Wall
Use your imagination to rearrange geometric shapes to create new and unique patterns of color.

Hanging Mobile
Create a work of art that moves and changes in this unusual sculptural design studio.


Along with sound, what makes plucking a guitar string music to our ears? Why does one piano key sound different from the next? How can you see around a corner? These mysteries and more come to light in this area of the Adventure Tower.

Walk-In Guitar
Stand inside the body of a giant guitar, pluck the strings and FEEL the vibration. Where else but in Music City, USA, could you experience something like this?

Walk-On Piano
Use your feet to compose a song as you dance across the giant keys of a piano. Test your skills as a songwriter here and you can go home with the knowledge that you’ve “played Nashville.”

Shadow Wall
Strike a pose and freeze your shadow in time on the creepy-cool glow-in-the-dark wall. How does it work?



Take a tour of the mysteries of the universe and the physics of flight. Experiment with objects and force, gravity, airflow, and more in this galaxy of fun and learning.



Future medical students, get out your stethoscopes and begin your careers here as you explore the wonders of the human body and learn how to keep it in good working condition.

Heart Crawl
Climb through an oversized replica of the human heart and following the path of the blood in your body. Crawl through the four chambers and valves as you listen to the heart beating around you.

Skin Climbing
Wall It’s kind of gross and totally fascinating. Climb along a cross-section of skin using hair follicles, sweat glands and touch receptors as hand and footholds.

Vertebrae Ladder
Learn the structure of the spine as you climb up this ladder of bones and cartilage to the Health level of the Adventure Tower.



Have you ever been to a place where you can lift an elevator by pedaling a bicycle? Make an object move without actually touching it? Or elevate a car off the ground with ease? Sound like magic? It’s not. Here, you’re more Einstein than Copperfield.

Crank the wheel as fast as you can to power a generator and raise our Televator to the next level.

Your challenge here is to lift a real car off the ground all by yourself. You can do it without even breaking a sweat using a simple lever.

Solar Whirligigs
See if you can make them move without ever touching them. Aim a beam of light onto the solar panels of these light-powered whirligigs and watch them dance!


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