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(Temporarily Closed) Discover the REAL tools that beekeepers use to keep their hives healthy and happy.

What’s the buzz?

Step up to our glass-enclosed beehive located on the third floor! See if you can identify the three different types of bees (workers, drones, and our queen) while watching as hundreds of bees travel in and out of the colony and perform a variety of jobs from feeding young bees to collecting pollen and nectar to making honey.

Try to locate the queen bee. HINT: She’s the one with the painted dot on her back. She may be difficult to find since she’s quite a busy lady.  She lays close to 3,000 eggs per day!

HIVE UPDATE (October 2021)

A spooky but natural event has taken place. Our hive has been mummified by a fungal infection known as chalkbrood. Larvae within the hive become infected by ingesting fungal spores brought in by worker bees. The chalk-white colored fungus feeds on nutrients within the cell walls of the hive depriving the larva of the needed nutrients to survive. The dead larvae become mummified.

Our hive will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before another colony can make it it’s home. Stay in the buzz by following us on social media. 

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