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Galactic Gardens

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Learning can’t be confined to the classroom… especially when it comes to making real-world observations. Meet our Galactic Gardens.


In this new outdoor learning area, you can find:

  • the Cornerstone Financial Credit Union Amphitheater… a perfect space to explore the environment and sustainability while surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  • the Rain Garden… a specially-designed garden planted with the help of Cumberland River Compact that contributes to preserving clean rainwater, creating habitat, and preventing local flooding and water pollution.
  • the Galactic Gardens Mural… a merging of nature into the Milky Way galaxy designed by local muralists Eastside Murals that serves as a STEAM learning tool to explore native species flowers.
  • the Phases of the Moon Engraving… a special engraved diagram that can help you better understand how the Earth-Moon-Sun system works and explore how the Moon appears differently over time.

While Galactic Gardens currently serves as a space primarily for students on field trips, it makes for a wonderful spot to eat lunch on a beautiful day. We’ve even used it for musical performances and science demonstrations for Science Saturday events! Stay tuned as this space continues to evolve.

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