Habitat Earth

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We think of ourselves as self-sufficient, but human beings live within an intricate network of plants, animals, and other life forms that support us in myriad ways. In this show narrated by Frances McDormand, discover the beauty, variety, and vast complexity of these relationships.

Through stunning visualizations of the natural world, dive below the ocean’s surface to explore the dynamic relationships found in kelp forest ecosystems, travel beneath the forest floor to see how Earth’s tallest trees rely on tiny fungi to survive, and journey to new heights to witness the intricate intersection between human and ecological networks.

Living networks connect and support life forms large and small—from colonies of tiny microbes and populations of massive whales to ever-expanding human societies. In this production by the California Academy of Sciences, discover what it means to live in today’s connected world.

You'll learn how life changes our planet and how we benefit from our connections to the life that surrounds us.

23 minutes
Recommended for ages 8 and up

Captions are available for Habitat Earth—ask a team member as you enter the planetarium. Learn about accessibility at ASC.

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