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Innovation Incubator

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Innovation Incubator (I2) is Adventure Science Center’s permanent, high-tech makerspace where visitors can dream up an idea and watch it come to life! We recently moved to a brand new, bigger and better space on the first floor, right next to soundBox – come visit us!

Meet the future of makerspaces

Innovation Incubator (I2) is Adventure Science Center’s permanent, high-tech makerspace where visitors can dream up an idea and watch it come to life! We recently moved to a brand new, bigger and better space on the first floor, right next to soundBox – come visit us!

What visitors are saying about I2:

“My kids are 13 and 11 and our family has a passion for science. We have been to dozens of science museums all over the country. What makes Adventure Science Center special is the people who work there and some very unique and fun programming. My kids started taking classes at the Innovation Incubator last year. My boys have learned not only to make fun projects but the science behind them. I am so impressed with this work space and the people who work in it. We learn so much in there that we bring home and add to our homeschool!mThanks again for making my kids so happy! We are so very thankful for the programming at Adventure Science Center.”

I2 technology

Laser cutter

This tool allows the user to make precise cuts for a design from a given material using a CAD (computer-aided design) to guide it.

3D printer

This tool uses digital information from the computer to create a 3D object; this process is also known as additive manufacturing.

Vinyl cutter

This tool controls the movement of a sharp blade to cut shapes and letters from sheets of thin, self-adhesive plastic.


Current Hours: Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm; Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm

Drop in and explore the incredible Itechnologies with our maker space educators, included with general admission. Guests of all ages can enjoy the chance to get a taste of coding, 3D printing, circuitry, design and more!

Step into our Innovation Incubator (I2) to explore high-tech maker tools while dreaming up incredible ideas and watching them come to life! We’re constantly working to provide new I2 Maker Labs that not only get you excited about learning STEM concepts, but also give you free reign to exercise your creative mind.

Please note: i2 maker labs are add-on experiences, requiring the purchase of general admission tickets or a membership to participate. Classes and workshops may be cancelled if there are not enough students registered. We will notify you in advance to offer a different class choice or issue a refund. Programs are subject to change.

Upcoming maker labs

3D Printed Planters
Learn about 3D printing technologies and the technology of container gardens, and design a functional flowerpot using 3D modeling software! (Ages 8 to adults, final products will be shipped after printing). Check back for upcoming classes!

Become an Action Figure!
Become the superhero you always knew you were! Explore 3D printing technologies as you learn how to 3D scan yourself using a “hacked” Kinect, and use 3D software to create an action figure avatar of yourself to 3D print. Ages 8 to adults. Check back for upcoming classes!

Suminagashi Fluid Dynamics
Traditional techniques meet cutting-edge science as we explore suminagashi! This ancient Japanese form of paper-marbling creates beautiful patterns as we harness the power of fluid mechanics, surface chemistry, and viscosity in science explorations!

Techniques for Miniatures
Gear up, adventurers, and learn basic techniques for creating and painting your own miniatures! We’ll share best practices for generating and 3D printing custom pieces, and explore hands-on practice painting some pre-printed models. Ages 8 to adults

Adult Member Maker Training: Glowforge Lasercutter
A training course for members over 18+ that teaches specific equipment safety. This course teaches you the basics of using the Glowforge Lasercutter. Check back for upcoming classes!

Future Programming

August 2019 – June 2020 (1 – 2 hours each) Introduces guests to 2D to 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC, fabrication and more. Guests will learn the basics of maker processes and machines and will walk away with a tangible or digital product. Age 8 to adults $15 members and $20 for non members (not included with general admission)

September 2019; January, April & June 2020 (four consecutive classes, once per week; 2 hours each) These “deep dives” into one topic will go more thoroughly into a maker process or skillset and may be taught by an outside expert. Age 12 to adults $75 for members and $100 for nonmembers (not included with general admission)

2019 – 2020 (3 hour courses good for 6 months of certification) Members can attended certification courses in order to become trained to use select machinery in the makerspace. Age 18+ $40 for members

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 (one class; 1 hour each) STEAM-K is designed to teach safety, basic skills and coding to younger makers and build their vocabulary and literacy over time. Age 5 – 7 $6 for members and $8 for nonmembers (not included with general admission)

Fall & Winter 2019; Spring 2020 (eight consecutive classes, once per week)

These 8 week classes funded by the Aroha Foundation will explore the science of fabric, sound and clay for seniors in the community. Classes will be capped at 12 students and taught by outside experts.

Age 55+

Fall Break 2019; Spring Break 2020; Summer 2020 (5 daily classes in one week sessions) These camps for students in during Davidson County holiday breaks will include themes like Armor Camp, CodeCraft and 3D printing. Each camp will be limited to 12 campers to ensure quality time with equipment and concepts. Age 12 -18 $500 per student for members and $550 per student for nonmembers

Year-round These experiences bring in community makers to demonstrate maker processes and techniques to visitors. They will answer questions about their craft and may give hands-on demos. All ages Included in general admission

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