Space Chase

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Examine the visible and the invisible using a hands-on approach that includes a mix of multi-touch technology, gaming, imaging and other media.


Explore our newest permanent exhibit gallery.


Cosmic Rays Compete with the crews of other ships as you explore space by playing Beyond Our World, a multiplayer space adventure in Cosmic Rays, a completely unique gaming environment. And don't forget to check your score on the Big Board!

Solar Projection Table The Sun is 93 million miles away; but at the Solar Projection Table, you can see images of sunspots and solar flares up close, all projected on a five-foot-wide table. At this exhibit, you can stare at the Sun!

Infrared Wall
What does your heat signature look like compared to others when captured by our infrared camera? At this exhibit, you will see your body's different temperatures converted to colors and projected in real time as you walk in front of the Infrared Wall. So, how hot or cold are you?

Space Imaging
Have you ever been X-rayed? Do you use a remote control? Learn how the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum makes these things (and more) possible at the only-one-of-its-kind, 100-inch multi-touch table. Move objects through the different wavelengths of the EM spectrum, see how different they look, and learn why. Explore the ultimate in energy – radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma rays!


On the first floor of the Space Chase exhibit hall, visitors can experiment with space exploration tools in this spectacular two-story high astronaut training and technology center. Through hands-on, interactive exhibits, you learn what it takes for a rocket to launch, what happens during free fall, and how Newton's Laws mean a lot in space. Highlights include:

Get the feeling of walking on the moon and see just how high you can jump and how lightly you come back down when only in 1/6 gravity! Weight and height restrictions apply.*

EVA Experience
Discover the challenges facing astronauts during their extravehicular activities (spacewalks). While in simulated weightlessness, attempt a series of activities to see how the astronauts work in zero gravity. Weight and height restrictions apply.*

Moonwalk and EVA Hours
Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday - 10 AM to 3 PM
Saturday - 10 AM to 6 PM

Trajectory Trails
Learn the roles of gravity, angle and force in determining the trajectories of rockets, which are essential to achieving orbit and reaching further destinations in space. Challenge your skills as you attempt to hit lighted targets by firing a special launcher.


Take a walk through our solar system and discover the relationships between the planets and their moons, how much you weigh on Jupiter or Saturn, and why we have seasons. Visitors will have the solar system at their fingertips through interactive stations. Highlights include:

Worlds of Wonder
This five-foot digital sphere uses internal digital projection to tell the story of the solar system not just in ways we can see but also with topographic maps, atmospheric data, geological features, and more.

Tilt A World
Using a specially designed navigation table, visitors can tilt and twist the surface to explore the Earth. A robust database of satellite imagery allows the visitor to zoom in to find their favorite location or zoom out to get the big picture.

Planet Globes
See if you can make them move without ever touching them. Aim a beam of light onto the solar panels of these light-powered whirligigs and watch them dance!

*Height and Weight Restrictions
Moonwalk – Must weigh between 50 and 300 pounds
Moonwalk – Must be between 45 and 78 inches tall
EVA – Must weigh between 75 and 250 pounds
EVA – Must be between 48 and 78 inches tall

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