Tinker 2.0

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Our hands-on exhibit, Tinker 2.0, gives visitors of all ages a chance to explore their creativity through STEAM-based fun! Interactives are found throughout the building.

Tinker 2.0

8 new interactive experiences in our South Gallery include:

  • Designing an aerodynamic car
  • Racing against other air-powered cars
  • Launching air-powered rockets
  • Exploring the power of magnets
  • Playing in our augmented reality sandbox
  • Connecting circuits and creating electrical power
  • Discovering the properties of electromagnetism by launching rings
  • Experimenting with propeller design to fly your paper flyer the highest

Tinker 2.0 is perfect for kids, adults, teens and toddlers to get a glimpse of what it's like to be in a STEAM career — while also having a blast!

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