Grades 3-5


Choose from a spectacular, fulldome show in state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium; hands-on, interactive exhibits; or one of our award-winning programs like daily Science Live! demonstrations, 3D printing workshops, summer camps and more!

  800 Fort Negley Blvd., Nashville, TN 37203

 We are open Thursdays - Mondays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., allowing limited guests enter the museum per hour. We strongly encourage buying your tickets in advance.
We will be closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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Grades 3-5

GRADES 3 - 5


Enhance your field trip with an exciting 25-minute demonstration developed and presented by our staff of Science Educators. All of our demonstrations involve content designed to match the Tennessee Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). These demonstrations are bound to get your students thinking, exploring, laughing and learning!

Demonstration Cost: $2 per student; $2 per additional chaperone (space permitting)

Get hands-on with an innovative, interactive 50-minute STEM learning lab! Like our demonstrations, all of our STEM Learning Labs involve content designed to match the Tennessee Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs).

STEM Learning Lab Cost: $4 per student; $4 per additional chaperone (space permitting)



Current Program Offerings (2019-20)


Primary Physical Forces

Students make observations and test hypotheses about magnetism, gravity, static electricity, and vibrations and sound.
Science Standards: 2.PS2.1, 2.PS2.2, 2.PS2.3, 3.PS2.1, 3.PS2.2, 3.PS3.3

Sound of Science

From good vibrations to bizarre tricks of the mind, join us on a tour through the sounds of Music City. Then, grab a front-row seat to an electrifying performance of musical lightning!
Science Standards: 2.PS4.1, 4.PS4.1, 6.ESS2.6

Chem: Possible

Whether they gush, gurgle or glow, chemical reactions never fail to surprise! In this hands-on chemistry lab, you’ll test your own concoctions as we search for the seven signs of a reaction.
Science Standards: 3.Ps1.3, 5.PS1.3, 5.PS1.4

It's Electric

Why do lights turn on when you flip a switch and how does your fridge know to turn on a light when you open it? Answer these questions and more as you tackle challenges that teach you the secrets behind the circuits.
Science Standards: 3.PS3.2, 4.PS3.3, 5.ETS1.1

Upload Your Code

Your mission: learn to write code that commands a robot through several challenging obstacles. But be careful – the robot will do exactly what you program - so watch out for the wall!
Science Standards: 3. ETS1.2, 4.ETS1.1, 5.ETS1

Shocking! It's Science

We’ll dazzle your socks off with bright lights, sparks and traveling energy as we combine heat and music that’s sure to electrify your senses!
Science Standards: 3.PS2.1, 3.PS3.1, 4.PS3.3, 8.PS2

Get Fired Up!

Feel the heat as we strike up some sparks and blow things up! We’re on fire with science and ready to spread the flame to all interested pyromaniacs.
Science Standards: 3.PS1.2, CHEM1.PS3.4


Squid Diessction

Inspect the unique internal and external features of a squid and draw conclusions about the adaptations of this ocean dwelling invertebrate. A non-refundable lab deposit of $50 is required.
Science Standards: 2.LS1.1

Protect Your Pollinators

Students will be asked to identify the parts of a plant. Students will learn how to identify what a pollinator is, and what it does to help the plant. Students will also identify that plants and pollinators have a symbiotic relationship and have adapted together. Lastly students will get to observe pollinators in their natural environment.
Science Standards: K.LS3.1, 1.LS1, 1.LS2, 2.LS2


Space Exploration

Strap in for dazzling experiments as we send a rocket to blast off! Then, suit up for adventure as we explore the International Space Station, Mars and beyond!
Science Standards: 4.ESS1.2, 5.ESS1.4

Cooking Up a Storm

Learn the secret ingredients behind the wildest weather on Earth. Then, batten down the hatches as our giant Tesla coil cooks up a storm before your very eyes! A non-refundable materials fee of $30 is required.
Science Standards: 3.PS3.1, 6.ESS2.6

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