Adventure Gallery

Inside the 1,300-square-foot gallery, guests will learn about the creative engineering that enables extraordinary feats like climbing the highest mountains and exploring the deepest oceans, as well as awesome activities from airplanes and roller coasters to skydiving and rock climbing.

Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator

$8 for members | $10 for non-members

Sharp banks, sky loops, and screaming dives await you on Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator. Riders will choose one of the many roller coasters, interactive movies, or passenger-controlled flight simulations and then hold on tight!

Max Flight Safety rules
One Rider:

■  Must be 48" tall
■  Max Weight: 175 pounds

Two riders:

■  Must be 48" tall*
■  Riders' weight differential must be 175 pounds or less
■  Max combined weight: 450 pounds

Please Note: Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator is not recommended for persons who experience motion sickness; experience claustrophobia; are pregnant; are epileptic; have heart conditions, back or neck ailments, or any serious disabilities; or are in a condition at the time of the ride that would impair judgment.

* Riders between 42" and 47" may ride ONLY if accompanied by a second rider who is 48" or taller and 16 years of age or older.

Kinetic Climber is closed 

Construction will be underway soon as we ROAR towards a new exhibit experience! The climber might be extinct, but we're excited to announce what's next. Keep an eye on our social to learn more soon. 

Please Note: In the meantime, we're experimenting with engaging floor cart activities and programming.

Adventure Gallery 

Adventure Gallery has a series of interactives that explore the creative engineering that enables extraordinary feats while keeping your ... feet ... on the ground. 

Soak up a 25-foot-tall topographical mural featuring a section of the Smokey Mountains by local artist, Nathan Brown, and explore the deep connections between engineering and adventuring at six new hands-on stations.

Adventure Gallery and the Kinetic Climber were launched at Adventure Science Center as part of the larger Beyond 75 initiative to create an unparalleled science center for Middle Tennessee and beyond. 

A variety of exhibit sponsorship levels are available upon request by contacting Chief Development Officer, Joel Abramson, at

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