Polaris PJ Party

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You're invited to a Polaris PJ Party!

This December, put on your favorite pajamas and join us for a special showing of Polaris in the Sudekum Planetarium, followed by hot cocoa and a liquid nitrogen marshmallow demonstration.

Polaris is best for kids ages 4-12, but all ages are welcome at this winter celebration!

James and Vladimir become friends, talk about their respective regions, and observe the stars together, wondering why the night is so long at the poles of the Earth. As novice astronomers, they are trying to solve this mystery by reasoning and observation.

Gracias al rigor de James y al genio inventivo de Vladimir, su aventura científica los lleva a construir un observatorio y luego una nave espacial improvisada. Durante un viaje alrededor de la Tierra, extendido a Marte y Saturno, obtienen su respuesta y descubren que los planetas tienen similitudes pero también diferencias.

Captions are available for Polaris—ask a team member as you enter the planetarium. Learn about accessibility at Adventure Science Center.

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