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It's All About the People.

"For over 75 years, Adventure Science Center has been a gateway to discovery for learners of all ages. Through two locations, three names, and countless new and exciting exhibition experiences, the science center has always been true to its mission to open every mind to the wonders of science and technology. As we continue our march into the twenty-first century, science and technology literacy is even more critical for career readiness, health and wellness, and an overall understanding of the world in which we live.

Adventure Science Center is a place for all generations to learn together. It’s a place for a toddler to be amazed by a working beehive and a 15-year-old to wave proudly from the top of our 28-foot Kinetic Climber. It’s a place for an adult night out at a Way Late Play Date or our biannual Science of Beer festival. It’s even a place to come with your best friend and learn the science of music before heading down to Broadway for a live show.

The last few years have included numerous updates for multi-generational, hands-on exploration, from Tinkering Garage and the i2 Makerspace to dedicated spaces for individuals with sensory sensitivities like the EY Sensory Room. And we’re not done yet!

Over the next two years, we’ll unveil four additional new exhibition spaces specifically designed to engage learners of all ages. In 2024, new exhibitry adjacent to our beehive will provide a deeper dive into the science of pollination. A new Mars diorama will immerse visitors in the planetary science discoveries and we’ll bring match concepts to life by connecting them to your favorite games and puzzles. In spring 2025, we will open our largest exhibit to date, PEAK Performance: The Science of Health. This 10,000 square foot exhibit will not only engage visitors in the latest science behind health, medical technology, and athleticism, it will also showcase Nashville’s place as a global center for Health Care.

Adventure Science Center is committed to continually growing and adapting alongside the ever-evolving Nashville landscape. We are excited to provide a safe and engaging space for unforgettable memory making and inspiration for continued curiosity and STEM engagement for all."

- Adventure Science Center President & CEO, Leah Melber Ph.D.

Adventure Science Center's Annual Report shows how the science center had a direct impact on our community over the last fiscal year. Read to hear stories from community members and learn about what is coming up on the horizon at the science center.

As a center committed to providing equitable access for all, the success of the past year enabled us to provide more than 9,000 free or subsidized visits, memberships, camps, and education programs for schools and public guests.

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