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Búsqueda de alimentos saludables


Búsqueda de alimentos saludables

Por Adventure Science Center

Getting your child to eat fruit and vegetables can be a chore. This activity teaches little ones that certain foods are not only healthy and helpful for her body but they also taste good too! Have your preschooler look through grocery ads, cut out different foods and make a healthy meal on a paper plate. Using scissors will help boost fine motor skills, essential for success in kindergarten, too!


Anuncios impresos de comestibles
Barra de pegamento
Plato de papel


1. Pídale a su hijo que recorte imágenes de diferentes tipos de alimentos de los anuncios de comestibles.

2. Explíquele a su niño en edad preescolar que las frutas, las verduras, los productos lácteos, los cereales y la carne ayudan a que nuestro cuerpo crezca para estar sano y fuerte.

3. Ayude a su hijo a buscar entre los alimentos recortados y pídale que coloque los alimentos saludables en una pila y los no saludables en otra. Utilice esta actividad como una oportunidad para repasar los nombres de frutas y verduras.

4. Ask your child to make a healthy dinner on a paper plate by picking some foods from the healthy foods pile and gluing them onto the paper plate to make a complete meal. She can even make extra healthy plates for other members of the family.

5. Talk to her about the choices she makes and ask her questions about why she thinks her meal will be nutritious and delicious. Feel free to help her if she need some guidance. When she’s finished, she’ll have “prepared” her very own healthy meal without dirtying a single pot or pan! She can keep the healthy meal plates she’s made to use for make believe games or to hang in the kitchen to help remind her of foods that are good for her. Hopefully, when it comes time to eat, your preschooler will recognize the different healthy foods on her plate, eat them, and know she’s helping her body grow!

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